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MapleStory's First Level 300: Niru finally levels up!

May 23, 2024

Global MapleStory player Niru has finally leveled up and reached max level of 300, after previously pausing at just 99.9% to air his grievances with MapleStory's gaming flaws.

On May 22nd 2024, Niru live streamed MapleStory for the first time since his controversial Twitch Stream, finally hitting level 300.

His previous MapleStory stream, in which 20,000 viewers tuned in to watch him hit Level 300, ended in not the way fans had expected. After grinding for years for 10+ hours every day, the moment of hitting the max level in MapleStory had finally arrived.

However, instead of leveling up, he paused at 99.9% and instead decided to speak about all the problems with the Global MapleStory game, highlighting some of the improvements he'd like to see happen.


It was particularly embarrassing for Nexon (MapleStory's developer) as they had even promoted the Livestream in-game to all players.

Level 300 Niru

However, after taking a break since the incident, Niru returned to MapleStory and hit the coveted milestone, leveling up in the Ellina map in GMS server Aurora.

Speaking on his livestream, Niru said:

I'm deciding to level up today because ... I want to get back in the trenches, and I want to keep fighting for the game, but I can't keep fighting for the game if I'm not playing it. I've said it plenty of times before, I hate when people are sitting here telling me, as the player of a game, who don't play the game, what they feel is right for the game. Those people are so annoying and I don't wanna be one of those people.

Niru also went on to say he will continue to stream the game as a free to play player, highlighting the issues with the game to prove his point.

Niru also revealed he had been sent a package from Nexon to celebrate hitting level 300, but he opened it before hitting the milestone.

MapleStory is currently running the Mayple Island Anniversary Event to celebrate 19 years of MapleStory and also released the new class Lynn as a replacement for Beast Tamer.


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