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DigitalTQ Third Anniversary!

August 24, 2023

This post is a little late as we've been super busy with content this summer but we recently just turned three years old!

DigitalTQ was created on July 21st three years ago and we couldn't be more proud that we've lasted this long. We started out as just a little hobby site covering MapleStory content and we are still here today (so is MapleStory!)

Usually I have these posts scheduled ready to go, but this summer we have been working on a lot of backend coding and been very busy preparing for Lorcana TCG launch.

More specifically, we've been recoding a lot of our admin dashboard to help make adding content a lot easier and more managable. We now have over 500 different articles and being able to keep them all working/up-to-date is very tricky!

DigitalTQ Recap 2022

Community Forums

Last year we had just launched our Community Forums section; since launching it uptake has been quite slow and getting engagement has proven much more difficult than we anticipated.

It was great for getting feedback on some of our most popular sections of the site, but for general conversation it failed to entice users.

So we've decided that we will begin the process of merging our forums into our comment section.

We've just completed a new revamp of the comment section; it's now fully AJAX, allows guest's to post and uses nested-style comments. This is now live across the site, so test it out below!

Our plan is to move all our topics/posts from the forums to the new comment section later on this year, and have the forums directly on this site (rather than the subdomain). This will allow us to better manage the codebase instead of splitting it across two subdomains.


At the start of the year we launched our Funko POP! Collection Tracker. We've been slowly adding pops to the database, but it is a very slow process.

We also took notice of a new TCG called Lorcana. This inspired us to create a brand new collection tracker that we will soon be using to switch over existing ones (like the Pokemon TCG Collection Tracker).

You can check our the Lorcana Collection Tracker now. Whilst we work out any bugs/issues, we will then begin slowly adding new card games to it.


We of course have been working hard on content- it's what this site was built off of! We have posted over 200 new articles since our last anniversary post and we won't be slowing down this year!

We have updated our About Us page with a bit of background about us too.

Plans for next year

Moving forward we will continue working on our backend rework so we can add content faster and manage our existing content.

As mentioned we will try to integrate the forums by the end of the year and then work on improving our user system with better profiles and social features.

Overall we're looking to working on DTQ for another year!


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Aleph is the main writer and programmer of DigitalTQ. His aim is to provide quality gaming guides, articles and news from the video game industry. We've been playing games since the 90s and are always on the lookout for new gems to play.


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