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Bluesky Social Network- How To Get An Invite Code - Twitter Alternative

Bluesky Social Network- How To Get An Invite Code - Twitter Alternative

calendar_todayPosted on 19th May 2023

Since Twitter was taken over by Elon Musk, many have been looking for a Twitter Alternative and Bluesky may be the next big social network to join. Unfortunately, Bluesky is currently in a closed-beta where you need an invite code to join.

If you're looking for a Bluesky Invite Code, we're giving them out to a random commenter below! Keep reading...

What is Bluesky and who owns it?

Bluesky is a brand new social media network that works like Twitter. It is currently in development and only a limited number of people have been given access to it. It was first announced in 2019 and as of April 2023 has only around 50,000 Users.

At Protocol

Described as a decentralized social network, Bluesky is built on the AT Protocol that aims to allow multiple communities to exist with their own moderation, rules and algorithm curation.

Bluesky Profile

Jack Dorsey, Twitter's former co-founder and CEO, is on the board for Bluesky and was one of the original co-founders who helped begin development of the app.

Bluesky originated from within Twitter but it was later split off into it's own company in 2021 and CEO Jay Graber is leading the charge of the company.

Bluesky has it's own iOS App and Android App. It is also completely Open Source, allowing anyone to look at the code behind it.

Is it really a Twitter Alternative?

With several controversial changes being made to Twitter since Elon Musk took over, many people have been looking for an alternative social network to use in it's place. Some have found success with Mastodon, others have just completely abandoned the social network altogether.



Twitter recently announced it's free API was no longer going to be available, and instead it would charge for it's service. This lead to many big companies removing their Twitter features, such as Microsoft's dropping Twitter from its advertising network. Many apps that were popular like Tweetbot, Twitterrific, TwitLonger and more are no longer working.

With a horde of now shut-out developers and people not liking the way Twitter is being run, many are looking at Bluesky as the Twitter alternative.

It offers pretty much the same features as Twitter, albeit with their own twist and a certain bare-bones style. With it being invite-only access, it is still not an option for many folks to use.

How To Get A Bluesky Invite Code?

Bluesky Invite Codes come from users of Bluesky or directly from Bluesky themselves. If you're an active user on Bluesky, you'll receive a limited number of Invites every two weeks you have been on the platform. Most users only receive one invite code per week.

Bluesky Invite Code Format:


Once you get your invite code, you can then sign up for a Bluesky account at either their website or download the Bluesky App from iOS's app store or on the android app store.

If you're unfortunate enough not to get an invite code, you can also sign up for the Bluesky waiting list. We're not sure how actively they are at giving out codes from this list, so you might be waiting a while.

Bluesky Invite Codes are currently being sold on marketplaces like eBay for hundreds of dollars! The demand to join this social network is very high and it does have a lot of people's attention- even if they can't access it yet!

How To Sign Up For Bluesky

Sign Up

Once you have a Bluesky Invite Code, you can sign up on the Bluesky App to create your account.

You'll then be able to enter an email address to associate with your account and also choose a Username. Bluesky users, by default, have a unique Bluesky handle address such as and then a Display name that is displayed under your messages.

You can also add your own custom domain, such as Unfortunately, profiles are not public currently so there is not much point in doing this, but when the app does launch, it will be a great way to verify a business.

Once you've signed up, you can then access Bluesky and start posting. With a growing user base of 50,000, you may find the app to be very quiet compared to Twitter.

Bluesky Invite Code Giveaway

Invite Codes

If you want to try out Bluesky, then you're in luck! We are giving away our Bluesky Invite Codes to user's of DigitalTQ.

Just post a comment below and every two weeks we'll select a random user to receive a code.

If we get too many entries, we'll turn the comments off for a little while. The amount of Bluesky Invite Codes may increase with the more people we invite that actively use the platform, so please only request a code if you really want to use the platform!

Already using Bluesky? Add our handle at


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Comments Section

Damn can I have code please :*)

Sent! Enjoy :)

Would love an invite code!

Would love an invite code please! Thanks


Would really love if you pass on this invite code. With this form of community creation, it will take long before this platform will be big enough to compete with the current quasi standard.

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Bluesky Social Network- How To Get An Invite Code - Twitter Alternative
Bluesky Social Network- How To Get An Invite Code - Twitter Alternative

Since Twitter was taken over by Elon Musk, many have been looking for a Twitter

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