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Diablo 4 - Whispers Of The Dead - Grim Favors

June 15, 2023

Whispers Of The Dead is a special quest in Diablo 4 that allows you to exchange Grim Favors for rewards that include Legendary equipment.

Whispers Of The Dead can be found at The Tree Of Whispers and is available as soon as you complete the Diablo 4 Campaign. Whispers Of The Dead can be completed on any World Tier.

How Whispers Of The Dead Works

Whispers Of The Dead

When you first complete the Diablo 4 Campaign, you'll get a special quest that asks you to visit the Tree Of Whispers. You can find the Tree Of Whispers in the Hawezar Region (it should be familiar to you since this area popped up during the campaign!).

The Tree Of Whispers wants you to help them collect old debts; you do this by completing specific tasks that reward a currency known as Grim Favors.

You can then exchange 10 Grim Favors for a random Grand Cache or Legendary Grand Cache that can contain Legendary Equipment, Elixirs, Gold and Crafting Materials.

Available Cache:

  • Collection Of One-Handed Weapons
  • Collection Of Boots
  • Collection Of Two-Handed Weapons
  • Collection Of Rings
  • Collection Of Helms
  • Collection Of Chaos
  • Collection Of Chestplates
  • Collection Of Amulets
  • Collection of Leg Guards
  • Collection of Gauntlets

All of these Cache also come in a Legendary form called Legendary Grand Cache.

The types of Cache available are randomly selected each time you reset the Whisper Of The Dead by turning in 10 Grim Favors.

You don't need to accept the quest each time to begin the Whispers Of The Dead; in fact, once you turn in 10 Grim Favors for a reward, you can then continue to earn more Grim Favors.


You can only carry a maximum of 10 Grim Favors at one time. You can see your progress by looking at the World Map page.

How To Collect Grim Favors

Grim Favor Tasks

There are several different tasks that reward Grim Favors in Diablo 4.

Each task will have a time limit associated with it; these time limits start as soon as the task spawns, so don't attempt to take on a task with only a few minutes left as you're likely not to complete it.

Here are the available Grim Favor tasks and their rewards:

Task Description Reward
Dungeon Complete a Dungeon that is selected for Whispers Of The Dead. 5 Grim Favors
Find Corpse Find a Corpse in the area that is marked; it will summon a round of mobs and an Elite Boss. 1 Grim Favor
Event Complete an Event 1 Grim Favor
Triple Event Complete 3 Events in the same area. 3 Grim Favors
Slay Monster Type Defeat a number of specific monster type 1 Grim Favor
Cellar Clear a Cellar 1 Grim Favor
Harvest Kill mobs in an area and collect their motes 3 Grim Favor
Legion Event Complete a Legion Event (they appear randomly) 3 Grim Favors
PVP: Altar of Extraction Enter a PVP zone and use an Altar Of Extraction 3 Grim Favors
PVP: Boss Find a roaming boss in a PVP area and slay it. 5 Grim Favors
Ritual Find Ritual sites and activate them (4). 3 Grim Favors
World Boss Defeat a World Boss when they spawn. 5 Grim Favors

As you can see from this list, the best Tasks to take on are Dungeons and PVP: Boss. 

Dungeons are the least stressful; you can also use this to help complete your Renown Rewards and gain plenty of EXP as you level up.


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