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DigitalTQ One Year Anniversary!

July 22, 2021

DigitalTQ officially turns one year old today! This is just a quick update on the state of the site and what our plans are for the next 12 months of DTQ!

We published our first article on July 21st 2020 and since then have gone on to publish another 177 articles, which is well over 100,000 words worth of content! Our traffic has been steadily increasing and we've added new sections to the site such as the Pokemon TCG section.

We've covered several new games including Fantasian, New Pokemon Snap and currently working on Ender Lilies. We've improved our guide-making process hundreds of times and keep going back to our articles to make sure they contain up to date content that is easily digestable.

We've also been refining the layout of the site; now most gaming sections have their own sidebar with useful content to help users navigate the site better. We've updated to Boostrap 5 for the latest CSS framework to help with responsive design issues. Our traffic is 60/40 split for Desktop and Mobile respectively, so we know mobile viewing is very important.

We've continued to utilize our YouTube channel to upload content to support our game guides. This was a big learning curve as we are more used to the written content but we're happy with the small progress we've been making. Our other social channels like Twitch are a bit stagnant but hopefully we can improve those going forward.

2021 and Beyond

As we move forward, we plan to create more community features that allow DTQ to start being more than just a blog. We have a bunch of ideas in this area but whether they'll all get implemented remains to be seen. We are considering starting our own forum section for gaming discussion but they take a lot of work and effort to keep healthy and updated.

We'll continue covering new games that have been released too and updating are existing ones. Choosing the right game to cover is very important for the growth of this site so we spend a lot of time researching into a game before starting to play it.

We'd also like to make a few more interactive features on the site, such as gaming tools that help players in various areas.

We are still a very new site in terms of growth and have a long way to go to become an established gaming site. But seeing the progress from year one makes us feel very ambitious for our new year in gaming!

Hopefully when I write the 2022 post it will be just as positive as this one!


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Aleph is the main writer and programmer of DigitalTQ. His aim is to provide quality gaming guides, articles and news from the video game industry. We've been playing games since the 90s and are always on the lookout for new gems to play.


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