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Elestrals Rarity Guide

Elestrals Rarity Guide

March 9, 2023

Elestrals is a trading card game developed by aGame and this guide will introduce the different rarity types found on the cards.

Elestrals is a new and upcoming TCG that was funded via Kickstarter; it managed to raise over $1.4 million USD during it's campaign and cards are beginning to make their way into the hands of backers.

Every good TCG has a good rarity system and Elestrals has a few unique takes on their rarity setup.

Elestrals Rarity Markings

You can easily tell the rarity of an Elestrals card by looking at the rarity symbol.

Elestrals TCG Symbols

There are four distinct rarity groups:

  • Common - These are your basic, easy to find cards.
  • Uncommon - Uncommon cards are slightly rarer
  • Rare - Rare cards can also be Holographic
  • Stellar - These are the rarest cards in the game, with a limited amount printed per set

Rare Cards

Rare cards can be broken into several other groups.

You will get non-holographic rare cards and Holographic rare cards. The Holographic rare cards tend to be rarer than the non-holo ones.

Full-Art rare cards are also holographic but the art fills up the entire card's surface.

Alternative Art cards are holographic and have a special card design depicting an Elestral.

Stellar Rare Cards

Stellar Rare cards are the rarest cards in Elestrals and are the most interesting. These cards are limited in distribution; only a certain # of these cards will be printed per set, so if you pull one- congratulations!


There are 6 Stellar Rare cards in the Base Set (not including starter decks). The rarest Stellar Card is Penterror, where only 10 will be released per set.

You can also find a Stellar Rare in each Starter Deck, where 99 copies will be produced. Check out the Elestrals Collection Tracker for a look at all the Stellar Rares.

There are a few exceptions to the Stellar Rares; there are Promotional Stellar Rare cards that do not have a set quantity being printed.

Elestrals Editions

Elestrals is a brand new TCG and is releasing different editions of it's cards in print runs. Each print run has slightly different changes to the cards, such as markings and text changes.

Prototype Edition


The rarest edition of Elestrals is the Prototype edition. These cards were produced as "prototypes" so that the developers could get a good sense of how the cards looked, any changes that needed to be made and assess the overall quality.

Only 50 Prototype Booster Boxes were produced and they were never sold to the public, so the only way to get prototype cards was through giveaways or being sent them personally from Elestrals developers.

Founders Edition


The Founders Edition of Elestrals was given out to everyone who backed the Kickstarter Campaign. This was the first major print run of the cards and it included Booster Boxes, Starter Decks and Promotional cards.

Each Founder's card has a unique icon in the bottom corner of the card.

First Edition

First Edition cards are the next cards that are released after the Founder's edition. As of writing this (03/2023), they are currently in production. No details yet on where you can purchase them, but most likely from the Elestrals Store.

These too will have their own unique icon at the bottom of the card.

Other Editions

Depending on how successful Elestrals is, other editions may be announced at a later date.


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