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November 26, 2021

We are currently looking for freelance writers to work for DigitalTQ! If you're interested in producing gaming content, then check out this hiring page for all the details!

DigitalTQ is a gaming blog that creates content including game guides, walkthroughs, strategies and news updates. We are looking for a 1-2 writers to join our team and start contributing content to the site.

We pay by the hour and are looking to take on someone who can contribute at least 10 hours per month (if not more!). Check out the Join The Team guidelines below.

Join The Team

Position: Content Writer

Hours: 10-20/month

This is a freelance position. We will try to provide a steady stream of work for you but it can vary from month to month.

We are looking for passionate gamers who have a knack for producing brilliant gaming guides for players to use. Whilst DigitalTQ is constantly expanding the amount of games we cover, right now this position is looking for writers who have a deep understanding of any of the following games:

  • MapleStory
  • MapleStory M
  • Pokemon Go
  • Fortnite

Already playing these games is critical to being able to write detailed informative guides. If you think you can write top-tier guides for these games, then this position may be just for you.

Job Role

  • Each month/week you'll be given a list of articles to write for a particular game that you'll be assigned to based on your gaming preference
  • You can decide which articles to write/pass on
  • There is no word-count limit; the word count should reflect how complicated the game article is
  • Article word count ranges from short 500 word articles to 4,000 word articles
  • The content you write should be unique and not copied/plagiarized from other sites
  • You should be comfortable with capturing in-game screenshots to help support your game guides
  • Come up with potential topics / article suggestions you think players will find useful
  • You should write each article in a Word document software- Google Docs is perfect

Examples of game guides can be found all over DigitalTQ. Check out our MapleStory section for a look at our game guides and the kind of quality we are expecting.


  • Write perfect English / native speaker
  • Can commit at least 10 hours per month
  • Produce quality writing rather than quantity-fluff pieces
  • Love video games
  • Great communication skills - we communicate via Email or Discord
  • BONUS: SEO skills, keyword research, article presentation


  • We pay by the hour, rather than the word, to incentivize quality written articles. We'd rather pay for 1,000 words of quality content than 4,000 words of fluff.
  • Payment made via PayPal.

Copyrights and Attribution

  • All paid for work becomes the intellectual property of DigitalTQ and should not be republished elsewhere.
  • All content is posted under DigitalTQ and not under author names so no attribution is given.

Interested? Brilliant!

Please use the Contact Us form to apply for the position. Please provide the following information:

  • Name, Location, Hourly rate (in USD), Hours you can commit
  • A short introduction about yourself and why you think you'd be perfect for this role
  • Examples of your writing; please make sure these are relevant to the position (I.e. send us game guides you've written rather than your latest Fornite fan fiction stories!) Links to any articles is fine, as well as Google Doc examples
  • Communication preferences (Email/Discord?)
  • References- if you've worked for any other blogs/websites before, let us know

Once submitted, we'll usually ask you to write a trial article (paid) to see if we would be a good match and then go from there.

Thank you for showing interest in writing for DigitalTQ. We'll try to respond to any inquires within 48 hours.


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Aleph - Editor In Chief

Aleph is the main writer and programmer of DigitalTQ. His aim is to provide quality gaming guides, articles and news from the video game industry. We've been playing games since the 90s and are always on the lookout for new gems to play.


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