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Site Update October

March 19, 2021

It's been 2 months since our last site update, so we felt like giving a progress update on how DigitalTQ is progressing.

We mentioned we were working towards getting some branding worked out for DTQ. If you haven't noticed, we have added our new logo to the top navigation bar. Introducing the DigitalTQ Wizard!

DigitalTQ Logo

We had the logo done on Fiverr for a little over $100.00 USD. We use Fiverr for a lot of misc jobs when it comes to designing and you can get a lot of great value out of the platform. If you're after logos, icons, banners or anything like that, and you have a limited budget, it's definitely a site to check out. Just be careful of paying for really cheap services- the saying you get what you pay for is usually correct.

We've also managed to product lots more content for the site. Our MapleStory section is growing nicely, and hope that by the end of October we will have added another 10,000 words of content. We won't be touching on any new games this month but we have a few ideas of what games we want to look at next.

Future Plans

Whilst we work on building our guides and content up, we also have a few ideas for new sections on the site. One of those is a Question & Answer section for various games. We come across many commonly asked questions for games which never get covered in high detail, so this section will hopefully be able to solve this issue. We may make it on a seperate sub-domain and allow the public to ask questions too. In the far future, one day we hope to build the community of DTQ to help create this section.

Hope everyone is staying safe and getting ready to put on their hoodies for the winter!


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Aleph - Editor In Chief

Aleph is the main writer and programmer of DigitalTQ. His aim is to provide quality gaming guides, articles and news from the video game industry. We've been playing games since the 90s and are always on the lookout for new gems to play.


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