Site Update: Version 1.0 live

Site Update: Version 1.0 live

calendar_todayPosted on 21st July 2020

Version 1.0 of DigitalTQ is now live. This is the very first version we have released of this site and it contains the working backbone of the site.

This first update is actually a completely new framework of code; we have coded all the tools we need to make a blog and now we can finally build upon it to make serving content a whole lot better. We wanted to do our own custom framework, instead of using something like WordPress, because we wanted total control of how it all works. It also means we can have a much lighter codebase at the beginning (compared to Wordpress) and slowly build up all the functionality we need.

We have lots still to work on, but we wanted to get the first version out and running ASAP to help get the blog out there. We plan to work on the following next:

  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Page Speed
  • Logo and Site Indentity
  • Social Media Functionality
  • Search

In between writing content we will be slowly programming these features. Once a substantial amount of this has been coded, I'll post a new update!

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