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Diablo 4 - All Crafting Materials

June 29, 2023

In Diablo 4 there are many different material items you can find as you explore Sanctuary and this guide aims to show you the best places you can find those materials for your upgrading and crafting needs!

Materials can be found from your Character page. Luckily, Materials do not take up Inventory Slots.

Diablo 4 Materials

Instead, Materials have their own section on your character page and you can carry as many as you like.

There are five types of Materials you can obtain in Diablo 4:

  • Plants - (used for crafting Elixirs)
  • Ore - (used for upgrading Equipment)
  • Skins - (used for upgrading Equipment)
  • Monster Parts - (used for Elixirs)
  • Salvage - (used for upgrading Equipment)

Diablo 4 - Plants

Diablo 4 Plants

Plants, also known as Herbs, spawn from wild bushes as you travel around the Sanctuary world in Diablo 4. Simply interacting with a bush will reveal it's contents. Some plants have a rarer drop than others and some only spawn in certain areas of Sanctuary.

Plants are mostly used for crafting Elixirs at the Alchemist. Elixirs offer temporary buffs for 30 minutes, including a 5% EXP increase.

You can also use Plants to upgrade the potency of your Healing Potions at the Alchemist.

Finally, you can also craft special Incense items at the Alchemist. These offer buffs for all players within the immediate area.

Plant Found Rarity
Gallowvine Everywhere Magic
Howler's Moss Scosglen / Event chest Magic
Biteberry Fractured Peaks Magic
Reddamine Dry Steppes / Event chest Magic
Blightshade Hawezar Magic
Lifesbane Kehjistan Magic
Angelbreath Everywhere / Dungeon Mob Drop Rare
Fiend Rose Helltides Rare

Diablo 4 - Ores

Diablo 4 Ores

Ores can be used for upgrading your equipment and also adding Socket upgrades to your equipment.

Ores come from Ore Veins that spawn around Sanctuary, but they also come from salvaging equipment at the Blacksmith.

Ore Found Rarity
Iron Chunk Salvaging / Ore Veins Common
Silver Ore Salvaging / Ore Veins Magic
Scattered Prism World Bosses Rare

Diablo 4 - Skins

Diablo 4 Skins

Skins are another material you will find from slaying Wild Beasts in Diablo 4. Used for upgrading Armor type equipment.

Skin Found Rarity
Rawhide Beast Mobs, Salvaging Armor equipment Common
Superior Leather Beast Mobs, Salvaging Armor equipment Magic

Diablo 4 - Monster Parts

Diablo 4 Monster parts

Similar to Skins, Monster Parts can be found by slaying the many different monsters you encounter in Diablo 4.

Part Found Rarity
Demon's Heart Demon Mobs Magic
Paletongue Human Mobs Magic
Grave Dust Undead Mobs Magic
Crushed Beast Bones Beast Mobs Magic

Diablo 4 - Salvage

Salvage Diablo 4

All of these items can be obtained from salvaging items from your Inventory at the Blacksmith. Some of these items are also given out via other avenues, such as Helltides.

They are mostly used for upgrading equipment.

Salvage Found Rarity
Forgotten Soul Helltides Rare
Veiled Crystal Salvaging rare+ items / Elite Mob Drop Rare
Coiling Ward Salvaging legendary armor Rare
Abstruse Sigil Salvaging legendary jewelry / Event chest Rare
Sigil Powder Salvaging Nightmare Sigils / Event chest Rare
Baleful Fragment Salvaging legendary weapons Rare


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