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Steam Revenue Calculator

Steam Revenue Calculator

Ever wanted to figure out how much revenue a game on Steam has earned? Using our simple Steam Revenue Calculator, you can get a good general idea!

Steam Game Data


Steam Revenue


$102,239 ~ $582,348 | Total Copies Sold:

After Refunds:

After Regional Pricing:

After VAT (20%): $99,293.00

After Steam Fee (30%): $99,293.00

Steam doesn't publish revenue numbers for games so without the game developer telling you the exact numbers, it's impossible to know how much a game has earned.

However, you can get a rough idea based on the amount of reviews a game has received.

Using data published by game developers, you can work out an average amount of reviews per sale.

Calculate Steam Revenue

You can use the Calculator to set your own data. The default values are some of the most common ones used by game developers projecting their finance.

Sales Per Review

This is the amount of sales you expect a game to have per review. We've set the average currently to 40 per review, but it can vary wildly.

Platform Fee

Steam takes a 30% fee of a game's sale for listing on their platform. Plus another $100 fee for listing (you get back after $1000 in sales).


This is the amount of Refunds a game may get. We've set this at 4%.

Regional Pricing

A game's price may vary in different regions, and it's usually cheaper than the $ amount listed in North America. This Regional Pricing adjusts the revenue by another %.

Sales TAX (VAT)

Most countries also require a TAX to be taken from games when they make a sale. This will be dependant on the Country you're in. We've set this to 20% (VAT).