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Twitter: How much money can you earn from posting tweets? - New Creator Ad Revenue Sharing program

August 3, 2023

You can now make money by tweeting on Twitter with the brand new Creator Ads Revenue Sharing program that gives you a slice of ad revenue generated from your tweets.

Twitter is rolling out brand new ways for creators to earn a living by using Twitter as their platform of choice to post content. The Creator Ads Revenue Sharing program is a new program launched today that gives creators revenue generated from ads on Twitter when people view replies to your tweets.

Several creators have shared screenshots of their new earnings from the Twitter Creator Ads Revenue Sharing program:

How To Earn Money From Tweeting

A lot of these creators are getting hundreds of millions of impressions on their tweets, allowing them to rack up thousands of dollars in ad revenue.

When you view a tweet, ad's are placed around it which generates revenue for Twitter. Twitter is now giving the creator's of these tweets a slice of that ad revenue to encourage them to create more engaging tweets.

Twitter allows users to find content easily by the use of Hashtags, Trending Topics and sharing your Tweets with fans.

Twitter has made a host of improvements to it's platform since it was taken over by Elon Musk, including long-form Tweets, the ability to upload long-form video and the clamp-down of bots and spam.

The Twitter Creator Ads Revenue Sharing program is another step in Twitter's new direction of rewarding creators with money for producing content on Twitter.

Earlier this year, Twitter also added their new Creator Subscription platform, which allows users to subscribe to their favorite Twitter users and gain exclusive content only posted for them.


Twitter faced a tough start to the week with a new rival platform launching called Threads - a twitter alternative platform created by Meta, Facebook's parent company.

Twitter also faces competition from invite-only app Bluesky, which is has a tiny fraction of users compared to both Twitter and Threads.

How do you join the Twitter Creator Ad Revenue Sharing Program?

Unfortunately, not everyone is currently elidgible to join the new Twitter Creator Ad Revenue Sharing program.

To be elidgible, you must:

The program is in it's early stages so these requirements may change in the future.

Will you be joining Twitter's Ad Revenue Sharing program? Are your tweets likely to rack up the millions of impressions needed for a payout? Let us know in the comments!


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