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DigitalTQ Two Year Anniversary!

July 22, 2022

DigitalTQ is officially two years old and just wanted to take this opportunity to discuss future plans for DTQ.

Since our last anniversary post, we mentioned we had a few plans going forward that we wanted to complete by the time this post comes around. One of those was to increase our community features, which we have successfully done. We've introduced two huge ones which have helped increase the DTQ user base to over 1,000 Members now:

Whilst our Community Forums are very new, we still want to keep growing them as we go forward. We have low expectations for it, since it takes a huge amount of work and effort to convince people this is the place to discuss gaming. But the good news is that the base programming for it is all complete and we now just have to do what we do best- post content!

We've never grown a Forum before so it will be interesting to see where we can take it.


As part of the Community Forums we have also introduced our Avatar System, where you can spend Gold on items. Gold is earned through participating on the site, with more ways coming in the future. We want to create a huge library of wearable items you can have to really customize yourself.

Right now you can get an exclusive DTQ Hoodie by posting on the forums- only 100 are being given out.

Our main focus has always been covering gaming content; we've dabbled into games such as Fortnite, FFVII: Remake, Kena Bridge Of Spirits and continue to work on our Pokemon TCG Database.

2022 and Beyond

For 2022, our focus is going to be growing our Community Forums and adding new games. We don't have any big plans for new programming features, but we do want to improve our existing ones. We'd like to build out our Fortnite Item Shop, Implement User Polls on the Forums and maybe a few other fun ideas such as Game Quizzes for our Users.

We want to also cover lots of new games in the next year. Finding the right game for the site can be difficult and there can be times when we go months without a good project coming up. We'd love to be involved with some Indie Game Developers and help promote/push new games on the site too.

Thank you to everyone who has visited the site in the last year or so! We look forward to writing the third anniversary post next year.


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is there any chance of getting into yugioh cause i am trying to find a collection tracker like this one for yugioh cause i want to start collecting again
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Thank you for all your guys hard work. I love this site
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