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Disney Lorcana: Into The Inklands Preview - SET 3 ANNOUNCED!

February 20, 2024

The third set of Disney Lorcana has been announced and it's called Into The Inklands! This set will contain over 200 brand new cards from and introduce a new type of card for players to collect.

Disney Lorcana: Into The Inklands will release on February 23rd 2024 in your local game stores and March 8th 2024 everywhere else. This set is the third to be released after Rise Of The Floodborn.

This set plans to introduce new characters from popular Disney properties such as DuckTales, TaleSpin, and Treasure Planet.

You can now view the Into The Inklands Card List here!

Into The Inkland Products Preview

Into The Inkland Products

With Into The Inklands being the third main set entry, you'll be able to get your hands on cards from Booster Boxes, Illuminere Troves, Starter Decks and Booster Packs.

The Disney Lorcana Into The Inklands Booster Box will contain 24 Booster Packs as usual, but the box will also come sealed in plastic wrap. The previous two sets the boxes were not sealed, allowing for some tampering of boxes.

Two Starter Decks have also been announced, featuring Peter Pan and Donald Duck. Each Starter Deck contains 1 Booster Pack and a pre-made deck of cards to get playing Lorcana right away.

The two new playmats will feature Stitch and Moana.

Giftset Into The Inklands

We also have the Into the Inklands Giftset product. This comes with 4 Booster packs and two oversized cards featuring Stitch and Tinker Bell.


The Into The Inklands Illumineer's Trove features Piglet, Jafar and Stitch! Troves come with 8 Booster Packs and several over goodies including deckboxes and works as a great storage container for yoru cards.

How many Booster Packs did you open for Lorcana Rise Of The Floodborn?

Into The Inklands Card Preview

Location Card

We've been treated to four new cards from Into The Inklands set  officially revealed by Ravensburger, including the brand new Location card. The Location Card appears to be a horizontal card rather than the classic verticle cards we've seen so far.

The new Location card will add a new gameplay element that players will now have to change up their strategy:

This set will change up your game with a brand-new element: location cards! Discover new landscapes as you venture across the Inklands in search of lore that was scattered by the recent flood. These locations add a whole new dimension of gameplay and a fresh new spin to every deck.

Piglet Peter Pan Mickey Mouse

Along with the Location Card, we also got three new cards from Into The Inklands set!

Piglet is a Super Rare and the first time this character is making it's appearance in Disney Lorcana.

Then we get Peter Pan and Minnie Mouse cards, both of which have been featured in The First Chapter and Rise Of The Floodborn.


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Actually, Piglet appears as card 18 in the Floodborn set.
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