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Heartwood Online - Herbalism Guide

May 15, 2024

Herbalism is a special skill in Heartwood Online that allows you to gather many different materials that are essential to other crafting skills. Herbalism is one of the grindiest parts of the game, but it can also make for a nice break from slaying monsters all day!

Learning Herbalism does not require any special tools, so you can start doing it right from the get-go on your Heartwood adventure.


There are also no level limits; although the areas in which certain items spawn will contain strong mobs that will kill you.

Herbalism Items

Below you can find all the items you can gather. Each one will give you a specific amount of EXP towards leveling up the skill.

Item EXP Used For
45 EXP Tailoring
Gin Berry
Gin Berry
45 EXP Cooking
34 EXP Cooking

TIP: Watch out for hostile creatures! When you start farming items for Herbalism, every now and then the areas you harvest will contain Wild Bees or Enemy Birds that can deal damage and attack you.

Where to find Cotton?


Cotton is best found in Oakwood.

You can find it south of the starting area in abundance, or if you travel to the Swine Pits, you can find a nice batch of it in the area near the river and bridge.

Where to find Gin Berries?

Gin berries

Gin Berries were recently added to the game. Currently, they can be found in Oakwood beginner area and also in Stone Glade.

In Stone Glaze, if you're level 30+, you're able to find some pretty good rotations for farming Gin Berry.

Where to find Turnips?

Turnips can currently be found in the Swine Pits or Stone Glade.

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