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Heartwood Online - Mining Guide

May 21, 2024

Mining is a skill in Heartwood Online that anyone can learn at the beginning of their adventure, allowing them to mine up different types of rare ores and rocks!

You'll then be able to use these ores and rocks to forge new equipment at either Blacksmithing or Carpentry!

To be able to mine, you need to equip a Pickaxe. This Pickaxe goes in your Toolbelt (so you don't need to replace your weapon when mining!).

Flimsy Pickaxe

You can buy your first Pickaxe from Geraldo for 10 Gold! You can find him in t he starting area in Oakwood.

Mining Pickaxes

You can craft new Pickaxes from the Blacksmithing Forge found in Oakwood.

Item Ingredients Blacksmithing Level Requirement
Flimsy Pickaxe Oak Boards x1
Tin Bar x1
Level 1
Tin Pickaxe Oak Boards x2
Tin Bar x2
Level 5
Copper Pickaxe Pine Boards x2
Copper Bar x2
Level 10
Steel Pickaxe Birch Boards x2
Steel Bar x2
Level 20
Tungsten Pickaxe Maple Boards x2
Tungsten bar x2
Level 30
Platinum Pickaxe Mandrove Boards x2
Platinum Bar x2
Level 40
Cobalt Pickaxe Pecan Boards x2
Colbalt Bar x2
Level 50
Mythril Pickaxe Palm Boards x2
Mythril Bar x2
Level 60

Mining Ore Types

There are several different types of ores you can mine in Heartwood Online. Certain ores require a stronger Pickaxe in order to mine.

Item XP Harvesting Level / Pickaxe
Coal 45 XP Level 1 / Any
Tin Ore 45 XP Level 1 / Tin Pickaxe
Copper Ore 51 XP Level 5 / Tin Pickaxe
Iron Ore 94 XP Level 10 / Copper Pickaxe
Tungsten Ore - Level 20 / Steel Pickaxe
Platinum Ore - Level 30 / Tungsten Pickaxe
Cobalt Ore - Level 40 / Platinum Pickaxe
Mythril Ore - Level 50 / Cobalt Pickaxe
Obsidian - Level 60 / Mythril Pickaxe

Where To Mine Coal?


Coal can be found in Oakwood. It appears in different sized deposits that give between 1-3 Coal.

Coal is used in the forging of most metal Bars, so you're going to need a lot of it. You can mine Coal at Level 1 and it is also a great way to earn a bit of Gold by selling it to other players.

Where to mine Tin Ore?

Tin Ore

Tin Ore can be found north of Oakwood where the Deer and Stags spawn. You will need a Tin Pickaxe or better to farm these Tin deposits.

Where to mine Copper Ore?

Copper Ore

Copper Ore can also be found north of Oakwood near the Deer and Stags.

You can also find Copper Ore at the Swine Pits and Outer Bone Mine.

You can also hunt Skeletons in the Mines that drop Copper Ore.

Where to mine Iron Ore?

Iron Ore can be mined in the Bone Mines. There are several levels in the Bone Mines, with varying levels of mobs so be careful when farming.

The first level of the Bone Mines is the easiest and has plenty of Iron Ore Deposits.

You only need a Copper Pickaxe to farm Iron ore.

Where to mine Tungsten Ore?


Tungsten Ore can be mined in the Bone Mines and also in Stone Glade area.

You will need a Level 20 Steel Pickaxe to mine Tungsten Ore.

Where to mine Platinum Ore?


Platinum Ore can be mined in the Stone Glade area.

You will need a Level 30 Steel Pickaxe to mine Tungsten Pickaxe.

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