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Heartwood Online - Winterforge Event Guide

May 14, 2024

A new event has landed in Heartwood Online called Winterforge and this guide will explain all the quests and rewards for this festive event!

Heartwood Online is a new MMORPG playable on both PC and Mobile; it's currently in early-access beta and it's free to play. The game was only released in Summer 2023 and Winterforge is just the second event players have had to experience!

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Heartwood Online Winterforge Event

As soon as you login to Heartwood Online you'll be greeted by this festive message:

Winterforge is a time to forge friendships new and old! But the festivities are at risk, what could all of the commotion be about?

If you head to Oakwood you'll find three new NPCs surrounding a blue festive tree!

Winterforge Quests

There are four quests you can complete for the Winterforge event, and they all revolve around special Elf mobs that spawn on the world map.

Blessing Friends

Blessing Friends Quest

If you speak to the small elf near the Winterforge tree in Oakwood, you can begin this quest.

You'll need to give a Blessed Doll to the elf and then you can choose between two Santa hats.

Cursed Elf Hat Blessed Elf Hat

To get a Blessed Doll, you'll need to find two items: Stolen Nice List and Innocent Doll Pattern. Both of these items drop from the Elf mobs. You can then combine these two items in your Inventory to create the Blessed Doll.

The second part of the quest then requires you to get a Cursed Doll. To create a Cursed Doll you'll need to combine Stolen Naughty List and Sinful Doll Pattern.

You'll be rewarded with a Humble Elven Stash, that when opened gives you +50 Voodoo Essence.

Voodoo Essence

The two main quests require you to collect Voodoo Essence, which drops from Elf mobs when you slay them (has a common droprate).

Reindeer Headdress

Reindeer Headdress

Collect 1,500 Voodoo Essence and you can claim a Reindeer Headdress Giftbox.

Winterforge Reindeer

Winterforge Reindeer

Collect 5,000 Voodoo Essence and you can claim the Winterforge Reindeer Giftbox (mount!).

Repeatable Quests

Luckily, you don't have to slay 5,000 Elves to get your Voodoo Essence. There are two repeatable quests that reward you with Humble Elven Stash (+50 Voodoo Essence) or Gluttenous Elven Stash (+100 Voodoo Essence).

You can find the quests in the following locations (north of the Swine Pits and North of Stone Glade):

Weary PleaStone Glade

Weary Plea

Give Blessed Doll to receive a Humble Elven Stash.

Slothful Request

Give Cursed Doll for a Gluttonous Elven Stash.

Winterforge Elfs

Winterforge Elfs

The main focus for this event are the Winterforge Elfs. These little minions can spawn anywhere in Winterforge (though usually have specific spawn points on maps that you can figure out) and will drop items related to the event.

Winterforge Elf Droplist

Monster Droplist Location
Winterforge Elf
Winterforge Elf
  • Voodoo Essence
  • Coal
  • Stolen Nice List
  • Stolen Naughty List
  • Innocent Doll Pattern
  • Sinful Doll Pattern
All Areas

Some tips:

  • When you hit an Elf, it will run away from you in the opposite direction. If you're fighting mobs near your level, this can sometimes get you into trouble and get you killed, so try to hit the Elf so that it runs away from other mobs.
  • The first to hit the Elf mob will have around 20 seconds to kill it before other players can damage it.
  • The Elf is not guaranteed to drop a Voodoo Essence- it can even drop Coal!
  • If you have plenty of spare gold, you can buy Voodoo Essence from other players.
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