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Heartwood Online - Training Guide (Level 1 - 38)

May 15, 2024

Heartwood Online is an MMORPG that requires a lot of grinding in order to level up and this training guide will list the best maps, spots and monsters to defeat in order to get that sweet XP to Level Up.

Heartwood Online is in early-access BETA, meaning the game can change drastically from when you play it. It is also an MMORPG, meaning the game constantly recieves new updates, including new maps, monsters and ways to earn EXP.

You can play Heartwood Online for free on Steam, Android and iOS.

We'll try to keep this guide up-to-date with the best spots for training in Heartwood Online. Use the comment system below to let us now of any better alternative methods for training.

Heartwood Classes

There are currently four classes in Heartwood Online: Warrior, Rogue, Priest, Mage. Each have their own abilities that make training in certain spots more useful than others.

In Heartwood Online, you XP you earn from slaying monsters will slowly decrease as you Level Up, forcing you to move onto stronger enemies.

World Map

The opening area of Heartwood Online is currently split into three areas. Oakland is where you start out and you can head to the Mines from the Outer Bone Mines area.

Level 1-4 - Bunnie, Jackrabbit - Oakwood


Your first five levels will get you accustomed to Heartwood Online. You'll start out with zero abilities and just a basic attack to kill.

For levels 1-3 you want to fight the bunnies. The small bunnies will net you around 45 XP per kill, but it diminishes as you Level Up. They drop Rodent Pelt, which is used for your beginner quest.

At Level 2 you'll get your Self-Heal ability, which has a short cooldown allowing you to grind. This will allow you to take on the Jackrabbit mobs; these can be found further up above on the world map.

Level 4-7 - Doe - Oakwood


There are three types of Deer running around in Oakland. As you get through these early levels, you'll run into them.

For Levels 4-5 you might want to stick to the simple Doe mob (the ones without any antlers). Once you gain your Level 7 ability, you can then move onto the Bucks.

Don't forget to collect your new Weapon and equipment by doing the starting quest line (which requires hunting bunnies and deer!).

Level 7-9 - Buck - Oakwood


The Buck has antlers and is perfect for mastering your second ability. You'll want to practise mobbing at this point; hit one or two enemies and group them together before unleashing your second ability to wipe them out.

If you're a priest, switch to Staff weapon type, as this will allow for multi-hit basic attacks, which is crucial for mobbing.

Level 9-11 - Stag - Oakwood


The stags drop a rare item called the Stag Rack. This is used for one of the beginner quests, so if you obtain it during your grinding here, hold onto it!

You can find the Stags at the top of Oakland in a muddy forest.

You will find other higher level players in this area, mostly hunting the Elite mob called the Elder Stag.

Level 11-15 - Boar and Warthog - Swine Pits


The Swine Pits are located on the right side of Oakland. You'll need to cross a bridge to find the area. You'll find two types of mobs here: Boar and Warthog.

During the early teen levels, you'll want to stay on the left side of the Swine Pits and fight mostly Boar. Then slowly make your way across to the right to find the more stronger Warthog.

Watch out for the Razorback - this is an Elite mob that can randomly spawn. It has a rare drop called the Razorback Mount.

Level 15-17 - Vultures - Outer Bone Mines


The Outer Bone Mines can be found north-west of the Swine Pits. Here you'll want to fight carefully around the Vultures. These mobs spawn in abundance and can easily overwhelm you during the early levels.

You can also find the Skeletal Worker mobs; you really only want to be fighting these at around Level 17 since they hit hard and do a lot of HP.

Level 17-19 - Skeletal Worker - Outer Bone Mines

Skeletal Worker

These spawn in a nice little put just outside the Bone Mines. You can do some good rotations and grind here for a while.

This area can be quite popular, so be prepared to party up with other players to get the most XP.

Level 19 - 23 Skeletal Worker 2 - Bone Mine

Skeletal Worker 2

If you can find a party, you can just this area earlier, but for solo you'll want to come at around Level 19. Take on one or two Skeletal Worker 2 mobs depending on how strong you are.

You'll be staying here a while, at Level 23 it starts to feel quite grindy as the XP decreases.

The Skeletal Worker 2 do drop a decent amount of items and gear; you can NPC the equips if you don't need them for some decent gold.

Level 23-24 - Sheep - Stone Glade


At Level 23, you have quite a few options to grind. You can head to Stone Glade, which is found exiting the Bone Mine to the north of the opening level.

Stone Glade has some super strong mobs, so you need to be careful to find a good spot. You'll want to fight the Sheep and the Green Flock Private mobs.

The Sheep are easy enough, but the Green Flock Private will attack you from a distance and can easily wipe you out here.

Level 23-25 - Cave Rat - Bone Mine

Cave Rat

You can also grind on Cave Rats in the Bone Mine. They drop the Rat Tail item, which is a part of the beginner quest, so taking these out makes sense too.

You'll likely also fight Skeleton Worker 2 mobs at the same time and a few Skeletal Miner (which can be level 25-27).

Level 25-29 - Skeletal Miner - Bone Mine

Skeletal Worker

The grind in the Bone Mines continues!

Skeletal Miner can be found on the first level near at the top-left of the Bone Mines. The spawn here is really good and perfect for partying up to take out a bunch at once.

If you're soloing, just be careful to not get aggro from more than 3 otherwise it'll be lights-out.

Level 29-34 - Skeletal Dog - Bone Mine

Skeletal Dog

You can find the Skeletal Dog mob through the top-left doorway in the Bone Mine's first level.

The further you go into this level the more spawn you'll come across. This place is great in a party because you can pull 5 or 6 mobs at once and take them all out.

If you're struggling doing damage, make sure you've got the latest equipment for your class. You can usually buy it all for quite cheap using the official Discord or heading to Oakwood and trying to find a buyer there.

We'll keep this guide updated as we grind through the game!

Level 34-38 - Bat - Skeletal Mage

Training Bats

Staying within the Bone Mine, on the first level if you now head to your right you'll come across plenty of Bats and Skeletal Mage mobs.

Their levels will range from 33-37; it makes for a great spot for grinding out these mid-30 levels.

You can get the Bat Wing needed for the main quest; they also drop plenty of small game meat for the new Cooking skill.


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