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Heartwood Online Cooking Guide

May 20, 2024

Cooking is a skill in Heartwood Online that anyone can learn in order to craft some useful and rare items. There are currently two types of items to cook: MonsterBait and FishBait.

Cooking is strongly tied to the Fishing Skill in Heartwood Online, so it's a good idea to level up both these skills in tandem.

How To Cook In Heartwood Online

Cooking Location

Cooking in Heartwood Online does not require any special tools; all you need to do is head to the Cooking Pit in Oakwood and you can start.

Cooking Pit

The Cooking Pit can be found just north of the Swine Pit, where the Wild Boars spawn.

Of course, you also need the required ingredients for the Cooking Recipes!

Like all skills in Heartwood Online, you can also increase your Cooking Skill level by cooking lots and lots of items! This will unlock more recipes the higher your level is.

Cooking Recipes

Cooking Recipes

Below are all the items you can cook in Heartwood Online.

Item Ingredients Required Level What It Does
Deer Guardian Offering Stag Rack x10
Gin Berry x25
Shiny Scale x5
Exotic Bait Kit x1
Level 5 Used to summon Deer Guardian
Boar Guardian Offering Boar Tusk x20
Wild Turnip x25
Hardened Scale x5
Exotic Bait Kit x1
Level 10 Used to summon Boar Guardian
Vulture Guardian Offering Feather x20
Grizzled Steak x10
Fish Barb x10
Exotic Bait Kit x1
Level 13 Used to summon Vulture Guardian
Meatball Bait Gin Berry x1
Small Game Meat x1
Level 1 Used for fishing
Sweet Fish Paste Gin Berry x1
White Fish Meat x1
Bait Kit x1
Level 10 Used for fishing
Steak Bites Gin Berry x2
Grizzled Steak x1
Bait Kit x1
Level 15 Used for fishing
Bitter Pellet Wild Turnip x1
Orange Fish Meat x1
Bait Kit x1
Level 20 Used for fishing
Clam Cubes Wild Turnip x2
Clam Meat x1
Bait Kit x1
Level 25 Used for fishing
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