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Heartwood Online Fishing Guide

May 21, 2024

Fishing is now possible in Heartwood Online as a new skill to learn, allowing you to find different kinds of fish and other rare items!

Fishing was introduced in version V0.4.7 alongside the Cooking Skill, allowing players to find fish, cook different kinds of bait and then consume them for other useful crafting materials.

How To Fish in Heartwood Online

Fishing Zone

To start Fishing, just speak to Yorvik who can be found in Oakland to the east. You need to purchase a Fishing Rod for 100 Gold and some bait; the cheapest is the Worm which sells for 4 gold.

Make sure to equip the fishing rod and your bait from your Inventory. They will appear in your character's toolbelt upon equipping them.


Here is Yorvik's shop:

Item Cost Type Detail
Bait Kit 5 gold Crafting Material Crude bait crafting materials.
Twig Rod 100 gold Fishing Rod 15 Fishing Strength
Attach bait to this pole and catch fish
Meatball bait 12 gold Bait A bait for catching fish.
Exotic Bait Kit 100 gold Crafting Material Artisan quality bait crafting materials.
Worm 2 gold Bait Slimy creature used for fishing and alchemy.
Fish Resin 500 gold Crafting Material A sticky substance used for binding mate


To fish, you just simply need to head to some water and click with your mouse to cast your line. Your arrow will turn into the "Fish" icon to let you know you can fish.

You will consume 1 bait each time you catch a fish.

Fishing Reel

Once you've cast your line, after a short while (5-20 seconds), your fishing float will begin to go bobble up and down. You need to click to begin reeling it in!

To reel in your catch, you need to hold down the main action button (mouse click).

You'll notice a new fishing stamina bar appear when trying to reel in the fish, along with the amount of distance left to reel in the fish. When the distance reaches zero, you'll have caught the fish and it'll appear in your Inventory.

Some fish are stronger than others, and can cause the stamina bar to flash red. When flashing red, there is a chance for the fish to break the line and escape. If you stop reeling in the fish, the stamina bar has a chance to go back down to green, allowing you to reel in the fish again.

If you stop reeling in your fish, the distance will increase. You need to find a balance between reeling in and not. For the stronger fish, you'll have to do this multiple times to get the catch.

If the distance reaches 100m, the fish will escape.

Better fishing rods are able to handle stronger fish, which you can craft.

Heartwood Online Fish Items

Here are all the items you can find whilst fishing. (We are constantly updating this part of the guide so if we are missing any, let us know!)

Different types of baits attract different fish.

Fish Gives Rarity Bait
Leaf Minnow White Fish Meat Common Worm, Meatball, Sweet Fish Paste
Pebblefin White Fish Meat, Hardened Scale Common Worm, Meatball
Bluegilled Salmon Orange Fish Meat Common Worm, Meatball, Sweet Fish Paste
Stoneglade Trout Hardened Scale, Orange Fish Meat Common Meatball, Sweet Fish Paste
Shimmerling White Fish Meat Common Meatball
Sweetwater Catfish White Fish Meat, Fish Barb Common Meatball
Rockscale Bass Hardened Scale, Shiny Scale   Meatball, Steakbite
Thornspine     Steakbite
Clam Clam Meat    
River Koi Shiny Scale    
Empty Can   Common Worm, Meatball, Sweet Fish Paste
Old Boot   Common Worm, Meatball, Sweet Fish Paste
Tin Can Worm (bait) Common Worm, Meatball, Sweet Fish Paste
Broken Wagon Wheel   Common Worm, Meatball, Sweet Fish Paste
Message In A Bottle Fisherman's Tale, Sailor's Song, Day Dreamer's Poem Uncommon Meatball, Sweet Fish Paste

Fishing Rods

You can obtain new fishing rods by crafting them using the Carpentry skill.

Fishing Strength gives you more control over your Fishing Line when reeling in new fish.

Item Stats Required Items Carpentry Level
Twig Rod 15 Fishing Strength
Fishing Level 1
Oak Boards x1
Tin Bar x1
Novice Angler's Rod 25 Fishing Strength
Fishing Level 5
Oak Boards x1
Tin Bar x1
Fish Resin x1
Apprentice Angler's Rod 50 Fishing Strength
Fishing Level 10
Pine Boards x2
Copper Bar x1
Fish Resin x1
Journeyman Angler's Rod 100 Fishing Strength
Fishing Level 20
Birch Boards x2
Steel Bar x2
Fish Bard x2
Fish Resin x1

Other Fishing Equipment

You can also equip other fishing equipment in Heartwood Online that will increase your Fishing Strength stat.

Item Stats Required Items Skill / Level
Fishing Waders + 70 Health
10 Fishing Strength
Light Cotton x20
Thread x4
Tailoring / Level 21
Fishing Vest +89 Health
10 Fishing Strength
Heavy Cotton Fabric x20
Thread x4
Tailoring / Level 23
Fishing Boots + 54 Health Regeneration
10 Fishing Strength
- Fishing
Angler's Hat + 60 Health
+ 120 Health Regeneration
+ 6 Attack Power
10 Fishing Strength
- Fishing

Fishing Bait

Fishing Bait in Heartwood Online can be acquired from a Yorvik's Shop and Cooking.

Different fishing bait will attract different fish (although not guaranteed). Refer to the fishing table above for more details.

Item Obtained Required Items
Worm Yorvik's Shop (2 gold), Harvesting  
Meatball Bait Yorvik's Shop (12 gold), Cooking Gin Berry x1, Small Game Meat x1
Sweet Fish Paste Cooking Gin Berry x1, White Fish Meat x1, Bait Kit x1
Steak Bites Cooking Gin Berry x2, Grizzled Steak x1, Bait Kit x1
Bitter Pellet Cooking Wild Turnip x1, Orange Fish Meat x1, Bait Kit x1
Clam Cubes Cooking Wild Turnip x2, Clam Meat x1, Bait Kit x1

Fishing Quest

Fishing Quest

Once you hit Level 10 in Fishing, a new quest becomes available.

If you head to the area where you buy your Fishing ingredients (east Oakwood), you can speak to Salty Angler who will give you a quest.

You need to find a Salty Anthology item in reward for 50 Sweet Fish Paste bait.

Fishing Quest

You can find the Salty Anthology by combining 3 notes that are obtained from the Message In A Bottle item (obtained from Fishing!)

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