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Heartwood Online - Woodcutting Guide

May 21, 2024

Woodcutting is a skill you can learn in Heartwood Online that allows you to chop down trees for vital materials. You can then use these materials for crafting items, even making you a decent amount of gold selling to other players.

You can start Woodcutting from Level 1 in Heartwood Online. All you need is to equip a Lumberaxe tool and away you go.

You can find the Flimsy Axe from Geraldo. He is located in Oakwood, right at the beginner area. The Flimsy Axe costs just 10 Gold!

Woodcutting Guide

Not all tress can be cut down in Heartwood Online and some of them require a higher level Lumberaxe to do so.

There are four types of wood you can find:

Item Axe Level Requirement
Oak Log Flimsy Axe Level 1
Pine Log Tin Axe Level 5
Birch Log Copper Axe Level 10
Maple Log Steel Axe Level 20

You can craft the other Axe items by learning Carpentry. Many of the wood materials you make will be used in Carpentry, so it's a good idea to level up Woodcutting and Carpentry together.

Where to find Oak Logs?

Oak Logs

Oak Logs can be found from most of the trees in the beginner area in Oakwood. They will drop between 1-2 Oak Logs at a time.

The larger trees have more logs available to cut down.

You'll gain 45-90 XP each time you successfully find a log.

Oak logs can be crafted in Carpentry to make Oak Boards.

Where to find Pine Logs?

Pine Logs

Pine Logs can be found in Oakwood. If you head towards the area where the Deer spawn, you can find plenty of Pine trees there.

You can also find Pine Logs in t he Swine Pits area.

They give between 51-101 XP each time you successfully find a log.

The deer are Level 9, so you'll want to make sure your character is at that level too.

Where to find Birch Logs?

Birch Logs

Birch Logs can be found in Stone Glade.

You get 94 XP per log or 188 XP for two logs.

In order to make Birch Boards, you need level 15 Carpentry!

Where to find Maple Logs?

Maple Logs

Mapel Logs can also be found in Stone Glade, although they are very sparse!

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