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Pokemon Go Hoenn Tour - All Pokemon Featured

February 13, 2023

Check out all the Pokemon featured in the Pokemon Go Hoenn Tour for the two-day special event this February! We've got you covered on all Raids, Egg catches, Special Research and more!

The Pokemon Go Hoenn Tour is split into two events: Las Vegas during February 18-19th and the Global Event on 25th-26th.

Players will be able to capture Pokemon from the Hoenn Region, with some those who attend the Las Vegas event having Shiny rates boosted.

Special Event Pokemon

This year, players will be able to capture the following Special Event Pokemon.

  • Shiny Jirachi (special research Masterwork Research: Wish Granted)
  • Primal Kyogre
  • Primal Groudon
  • Shiny Kecleon

Hoenn Tour Raids

1 Star Raids

5 Star Raids

Primal Raids

Wild Encounters

Blistering Sands

Eerie Mists

Verdant Earth

Ancient Shores

You'll also be able to encounter Shiny Unown H for the first time:

Team Encounters

Depending on what team you pick in the Ruby vs Sapphire challenge, you'll see these additional Pokemon:



Egg Encounters

Hatch eggs during the event to find the following Pokemon:

2KM Eggs

5KM Eggs

7KM Eggs

10KM Eggs

Special Pikachu Costume

You'll also be able to encounter a Special Pikachu wearing either Brendan’s hat or May's Bow.

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