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Popular Pokemon GO player FleeceKing has account hacked!

March 15, 2024

A popular Pokemon GO player that goes by the username of FleeceKing has had their account compromised, leading to many of their Pokemon being deleted!

FleeceKing is better known as the first player in the world to reach Level 50 in Pokemon GO when the new level cap was introduced in Pokemon GO. Along with this incredible achievement, FleeceKing is also known for collecting some of the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon GO and maxing out their stats, something which takes hundreds of hours of dedication.

However, on 13th March 2024, FleeceKing posted a Tweet showing that their account had indeed been hacked.



A video was posted showing their Shundo Mareep being transferred (essentially deleting it) and that FleeceKing had said they have contacted Niantic for support.

UPDATE (15/03/2024): It appears Niantic Support has managed to get FleeceKing their account back, but they didn't mention whether their Pokemon were restored.

It is not known how the account was compromised, but it appears to have bypassed their password authentication and security alerts on the account, which might suggest it was compromised by social engineering.

Whilst their isn't much value in Pokemon GO accounts for hackers to target due to their being limited trading restrictions, when you're a popular Pokemon GO player this can often cause accounts to be targeted.

FleeceKing Was The First Level 50

FleeceKing is known for having a crazy Pokemon GO account with thousands of rare Pokemon. His stats show he has caught over 2 million Pokemon on his account and has amassed over 2 billion XP!

To put that into context, to reach max level in Pokemon GO, Level 50 requires a cumulative total of 176,000,000 EXP- that means FleeceKing has enough XP to hit max level 20 more times!

FleeceKing Shiny Pokemon

If you're a fan of Pokemon GO, you know some of the rarest Pokemon to catch are called Hundos and Shundos. These Pokemon have maxed out stats when you catch them, and some players have never caught any of them. FleeceKing however, showed off that he has hundreds of these Pokemon in his Pokemon Storage! They also showed off over 3000+ shinies in their account. Bonkers!

FleeceKing also showed off they had battled in over 40,000 Legendary Raids. If you converted those 40,000 Raids into tickets, the cost would be around $30,000-$50,000! Of course, you do get free tickets each day and can earn Poke Coins from Gyms, so the total cost is probably a lot lower.

Pokemon GO recently released their new season titled World Of Wonders, which runs from March 1st 2024 to June 1st 2024.

Pokemon GO Fest

They also recently announced the new Pokemon GO Fest locations, which include Sendai, Japan, Madrid, Spain and New York City, USA. Pokemon GO Fest is a real-life event that players can travel to to catch Pokemon with boosted shiny rates, exclusive moves and other goodies.

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