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Togetic Community Day - Pokemon GO - April 2023

November 30, 2023

Get ready Pokemon GO trainers for the Togetic Community Day with this in-depth guide on all the bonuses you will receive during the 3-hour event! During the Community Day event time period, Togetic will be spawning more frequently with a boosted rate to catch a Shiny Togetic!

Community Days are special events in Pokemon GO that are a great way for catching a specific Pokemon and their Shiny version. With boosted event items, you can make the most of this event for obtaining XP, Candies and Stardust!



Togetic is a dual-type Pokemon with Fairy and Flying types. Togetic is from the Johto Region and is the evolved form of Togepi. Togetic has a PokeDex National Dex entry of #176.

Togetic can evolve into Togekiss in Pokemon Go with 100 Candy and a Sinnoh Stone.







When Is Togetic Community Day in Pokemon GO?

Togetic Community Day will begin on April 15th 2023 at 2:00PM - 5:00PM local time. You'll get a notification from your Pokemon GO app when the event is about to start!

The event will last for 3 hours, during which time you'll be able to take advantage of some event bonuses.

Togetic Community Day Event Bonuses

These bonuses will be available during the Community Day Event:

1/4 Hatch Distance for Eggs

2x Candy for catching Pokemon

2x chance to receive Candy XL

Lure Modules will last for 3 hours

Incense will last for 3 hours

Extra Special Trade available

Take snapshots for a chance of Togetic to appear

Togetic Community Day Special Raids

After Togetic's Community Day, from 5:00PM - 10:00PM you'll also find a special 4 Star Raid is available:

Defeating a special raid will cause Togetic to spawn around the Gym for 30 minutes!

This raid can only be accessed with Raid Passes and Premium Raid Passes (not Remote Raid Pass).

Pokemon Go Togetic Shiny Version

Normal Togetic Shiny Togetic

You'll be able to catch a Shiny Togetic with boosted rates during the Community Day event.

Evolve Togetic for Special Attack

Evolve Togetic during the event or up to 5 hours after to get a Togekiss with a special move:

Pokemon Go Moves

Aura Sphere

Power: 90

Charged Attack

Boosted Togepi can be found in Eggs

Egg IncubatorTogepiEgg Incubator

Togepi might be found from 2KM Eggs that are hatched during the event period. Togepi will have the same shiny boosted rates as Togetic during the Community Day.

Togetic Community Day Research Tasks

Community Day Special Research Story - Spreading Cheer

Ticket Pass

You can purchase a Togetic Community Day Special Research Ticket titled Spreading Cheer from the Shop for $1.00 that will include extra Special Research tasks and rewards that you can complete during the event.

Timed Research

You'll be able to receive Timed Research tasks during the event period. These tasks include catching Pokemon to receive 5 Sinnoh Stones.

Field Research

Field Research will also be available from PokeStops during the Community Day. These Field Research tasks will be themed around Togetic Community Day.

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