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Ursula's Return Preview - SET 4 ANNOUNCED - Lorcana TCG

March 20, 2024

The next set for Disney's Lorcana has been announced as Ursula's Return, which is set to be released in late May worldwide.

Ursula's Return comes on the back of Into The Inklands, making it the 4th main set entry into the Disney Lorcana series.

Alongside Ursula's Return, a new game mode was also announced called Illumineer’s Quest Deep Trouble. This new product will replace the gift set, and it comes with a brand new game mode that players can team up against or complete solo. Check below for the preview!

What is Ursula's Return release date?

Ursula's Return will release in hobby stores on May 17th, 2024 and then worldwide on May 31st 2024.

Hobby stores get an earlier release than normal stores as part of Ravensburger initiative to support local stores.

Ursula's Return Products

Ursula's Return Booster Box

Booster Box

With the announcement of the 4th set, we also got previews of the latest Lorcana Products! We also got previews of the Ursula's Return Booster Box, which will contain 24 Booster Packs, the best way to start off a brand new set.

Booster Packs

We get three new Booster Pack artworks, featuring Ariel, Ursula and Sisu!

Ursula's Return Illumineer's Trove

Illumineer TroveTrove Contents

The Illumineer Trove for Ursula's Return also contains Booster Packs but it also contains brand new dice!

These dice can be used for damage-counting whilst playing the Lorcana TCG. Previous troves only had the cardboard damage tokens, which were a bit flimsy, so this is a great upgrade!

It also comes with 6 card dividers, based on the different rarities of Lorcana. WE WANT THAT ENCHANTED ONE!

The trove also comes with 8 Booster Packs for Ursula's Return.

Ursula's Return Starter Decks

Starter DecksStart Deck Contents

We also got a look at two new starter decks announced for Ursula's Return. These include two pre-built decks for Amber and Amethyst Inks and also for Sapphire and Steel Ink.

If you're new to Disney Lorcana, Starter Decks are a great way to jump into the game and learn the ropes. Each deck also comes with one Booster Pack of Ursula's Return.

Illumineer’s Quest Deep Trouble

Illumineer's Quest

A brand new Disney Lorcana game has been announced, allowing you to take on a new challenge using your Lorcana TCG cards.

This game will allow two players to take on a special Ursula Scenario Deck, with new rules on playing Lorcana TCG. The game can be played with two players but you can also add an additional two for up to four players to work together to defeat Ursula.

The Illumineer's Quest box also includes two pre-build Disney decks to help you with your task. There is also a secret Victory Card!

The Illumineer's Quest Deep Trouble includes the following:

  • 1 Oversized Ursula card
  • 1 Ursula scenario deck (50 cards)
  • 2 Prebuilt Disney Lorcana TCG decks (60 cards each)
  • 2 Oversized, double-sided battleground cards
  • 1 Deep Trouble playmat
  • 1 Ursula draw token
  • 3 Lore tracker tokens
  • 29 Damage counters
  • 1 Secret victory card
  • 1 Deep Trouble rules sheet

Quest Deep Trouble Cards

We also got previews during the Lorcana TCG Livestream of new battleground cards, that affect the rules of the game depending on which is in play!

Are you hyped for the new Ursula's Return set? Let us know in the comments below!

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I’ve not even got Into The Inklnds yet!
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Hypeeeeee! I’m excited to play the quest game too.

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