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Spiritfall - Burrows - Walkthrough - Part 4

April 11, 2023

The third dungeon of Spiritfall is called the Burrows and with it comes a host of new enemies for you to face off.

By now, hopefully you've got all your main attacking abilities and have them all at least at level 1 or better. You don't need too much HP for the final boss here, so try to focus on getting Spiritfall Relics and upgrading your skills along the way.

You'll be able to pick up new Essence upgrades from the Shrine Keeper before starting the Burrows.

Burrows Enemies

Below are all the mobs you'll face at the Burrows.

Name Type Tactic

Spore Slugger
Normal These guys will shoot projectile punches that follow a strict horizontal line. Be careful of their Punch down and Up attacks through platform levels.
Normal A Shroompuffer can hit quite hard, but they are easy to take out due to their large body size. On death, they explode leaving behind a gas that deals damage over time if you stand in it.

Normal Watch out for their spinning roll attacks.

Normal Be careful of these flying mobs; they often produce a gas shield that if you touch will damage you.
Crystal Rock Walker
Crystal Rock Walker
Normal The Crystal Rock Walker will fire out a multi-way laser that will deal damage if you get caught up in it. Overall this mob is quite slow and easy to take out; if you break the shield the rock will become free and fly around the map.
Bone Fang
Bone Fang
Normal They fly around attacking you with a sonic-beam.

Burrows Boss Fight - Heretic Warlock

Heretic Warlock

The Heretic Warlock has two parts of the fight to it.

We found this fight to be a little easier than the previous boss fight; you'll probably need around 250HP to take this boss down comfortably.


The first two attacks you need to be aware of is the Warlock's energy ball attacks; he can shoot out several from around him and then also launch two slow-targeting projectiles at you. They are both quite easy to dodge with your Dash, just be careful not to jump into the ones he fires up into the air.


At around 70% HP, the Warlock summons at giant skeleton that hangs out in the background. The Skeleton will use all four of his fists to slam down on you, but they are quite predictable (just use the edges of the screen to dodge them).

The Skeleton also has a swipe attack from left-to-right, which you can Dash through to avoid.


The Warlock will occasionally shoot up a large red orb that floats in the middle of the screen; if you touch it you'll receive damage but you can attack it to move it out of the way. The Skeleton will smash it after a while, dealing damage that can be easy avoidable.

Overall this fight is quite straightforward, check out the video below:

After the fight, you'll be taken to a creature possessed that will blast you away.

Looks like that is the end of the Spiritfall! The developers have said more content is on the way- hopefully soon because the game is really enjoyable!

Let us know your comments below on any tips for defeating the Heretic Warlock!

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