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Spiritfall - The Sanctum Introduction - Walkthrough - Part 1

April 7, 2023

This is the first part of our Spiritfall Walkthrough, with an introduction to the game's mechanics and a detailed look at your home area: The Sanctum.

Spiritfall is a 2D platformer roguelike game that sees you face off against several increasingly difficult dungeons as you aim to unseal The Gate that has been closed, allowing the Divine Spirits to prosper once more.

You play as The Omenforged and you've been given Battle Hammer Axe to take down your enemies. You'll begin in the first Dungeon, called The Outskirts. Each level gets progressively more difficult, with the final boss waiting for you at the end.

Spiritfall Dungeons

Welcome to Spiritfall! Dungeons in Spiritfall are randomly generated with different paths and levels but they always end with the same boss fight setup. Each time you complete a level, you are given a reward to boost your skills, earn more currencies or other upgrades.

Spiritfall dungeons

Each room will have a special reward, depending on what you choose. It can be one of these:

  • Vitality Crest (Increases max health by +25 and heals +25)
  • Dust Deposit (Claim 100 Dust)
  • Spirit Blessing (obtain new abilities and upgrades with Spirit Blessings)
  • Relic Chest (obtain a random relic that give various bonuses)
  • Luminous Gem (increases the power of one of your obtained Spirit Blessings)
  • Celestial Exchange (spend your Dust on upgrades)

Other rooms can appear also, such as:

  • Rift (destroy the Rift monster to obtain up to three rewards)
  • Hallowed Ground (heal yourself)

You can run a Dungeon as many times as you like. When you die, you return back to The Sanctum, which is your home spot. When you die, you'll:

  • Lose any Spirit Blessings you have learned and their upgrades
  • Any Dust you have collected
  • Any Relics you have found
  • Your HP upgrades you have applied
  • Any Essences you have earned.

You do get to keep your Combat Runes and Esoteric Scrolls however.

Spiritfall Currencies

Spiritfall Currencies

There are several currencies you need to be aware of when running Dungeons. You will earn these currencies from multiple playthroughs of the Dungeons, allowing you to upgrade your Skills, Ordinances and Weapons.

Currency Used For Earned
Combat Runes Upgrading Weapons Completing a Dungeon Level (randomly)
Esoteric Scrolls Upgrading Ordinances Completing a Dungeon Level (randomly)
Dormant Ember Upgrading Skills Completing a Dungeon Level (randomly)
Dust Purchasing upgrades from Celestial Exchanges in Dungeons Completing a Dungeon Level (randomly), defeat enemies, random rocks in levels
Essence Purchasing upgrades from - in Dungeons Increasing your Essence gauge by using combos in battle, reward from Rifts, reward from Boss fights

Since Dust and Essence only stay in a Dungeon Run, you should spend them when you get the opportunity.

Spiritfall Spirit Blessings

Spiritfall Blessings

Whenever you complete a Dungeon level, you may be given the opportunity to learn a new Spirit Blessing.

Each Dungeon Run you make, a random selection of Spirit Blessings are added to your Dungeon Tree, which you can view at the end of each level. There are six different Spirit Blessing types, and you're not guaranteed that they all show up on your run.

There are five types of Spirit Blessings you can learn to improve your attacks:

  • Attack blessing
  • Launcher blessing
  • Bolt blessing
  • Assist Blessing
  • Dash Blessing

You'll also be able to learn Spirit Blessings that increase damage bonuses, like Critical Rate, Status Effects, Dust drop rate and more. Check out our Spirit Blessings Guide for more information.

Selecting Spirit Blessings make a huge difference to your Dungeon Runs; sometimes you will just get unlucky and be stuck with skills you hate. That's just RNG!

When you complete a level, you'll get the choice of three different Spirit Blessings to apply (randomly selected). If you already have that Spirit Blessing unlocked, you can upgrade it to a better version to increase it's effect.

You can also use Luminous Gem rewards to upgrade your skills abilities.

The Sanctum

The Sanctum

The Sanctum is your home and where you'll return to after each Dungeon Run.

Here you can upgrade your Skills, Ordinances and Weapons.

Spiritfall Skills can be upgraded by spending your Dormant Ember at the Perennial Flame. These skill upgrades are permanent and are applied to every run, despite what Spirit Blessings you select during a Dungeon Run.

Ordinances are upgrades that can be unlocked by speaking to The Mediary; you'll need Esoteric Scrolls to upgrade these. You'll also have to beat bosses and clear Rifts for new Ordinances to become available.

Weapon upgrades can be done by speaking to The Runesmith. There are currently three weapons available for you to choose from, with the Battle-Hammer Axe being made available by default. You'll need Dormant Embers to buy new weapons and upgrade existing ones.

You can also practise with each Weapon in the training area just before you begin a new Dungeon run.

Ready To Run A Dungeon?

Now that you know most of the mechanics of Spiritfall, it's time to run some Dungeons and progress!

First up is The Outskirts Dungeon.

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