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Spiritfall - Complete Guide and Walkthrough

April 11, 2023

Spiritfall is a single-player 2D side-scroller roguelike action game that see's you wieldy deadly weapons enthused with the divine spirits to help you take down dungeon after dungeon. This guide will teach you all you need to know about Spiritfall, taking an in-depth look at all the Spirits, Weapons and Dungeons you can take on.

Spiritfall was released as an early-access game for Steam on 3rd April 2023, allowing players to dive into the fast-paced action that gives you access to three different dungeons. It is a game you can play for a single hour or put into a solid grind session as you attempt to complete the game without losing once.

About Spiritfall

Spiritfall is developed by Gentle Giant Games and can currently be played on Steam. It is in early-access, which means the game is not complete and there are several planned updates scheduled to be released in the future (of which we will cover!).

Spiritfall is simple to play but gets increasingly difficult as you progress, with your choices making a huge difference to your success or failure of a Dungeon run. You can choose from one of three different weapons to start a dungeon run, with each level getting more and more difficult as you progress.

Defeating a level gives you the option to earn valuable resources, which you can later use to upgrade weapons and unlock new skills. You'll also get a random Spirit skill to add to your character, allowing your combat to get more and more complex as you move up the dungeon path.

Awaiting you at the end of each Dungeon is a difficult encounter with a Boss, where you'll have to learn mechanics quickly or face being sent back to the Sanctum.

Check out the early-access preview video below to get a good look at Spiritfall.

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