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Spiritfall - The Viridian Trail - Walkthrough - Part 3

April 7, 2023

The Viridian Trail is the second dungeon you'll find in Spiritfall, with 11 new levels of monsters and a trio of bosses to face at the end.

After you defeat Enduring Sentry in The Outskirts, you'll come to the beginning of Viridian Trail where you can spend any Essence points you have acquired.

Essence can be earned by performing combos in battle; getting a high essence multiplier will increase the gauge faster allowing you to earn more Essence. You can also earn Essence from Rifts as rewards.

Shrine Keeper

Speak to the Shrine Keeper to spend your Essence.

You'll get a random selection of enhancements to use based on the Weapon you're using.

Enhancement Description Cost
Might Your Launcher deals +15% damage. 1 Essence
Ravenous Launcher When you slay enemies with your Launcher, recover 1% Health. 2 Essence
Ferocity Your Attack deals +10% damage. 1 Essence
Instant Charge Your Launcher fully charges instantly, but has 2 sec. Cooldown. 2 Essence
Concentrated Launcher Holding Launcher also increases power, building up to +100% bonus damage when fully charged. 2 Essence
Zoning Arrow Your Launcher's projectiles are larger in size and deal slightly increased Knockback. 2 Essence
Accuracy Your Sweet Spot hits deal +20% damage. 1 Essence
Bouncing Arrow Your Launcher's projectiles bounces off walls. 2 Essence
Courage You deal +20% damage to Elite Enemies. 1 Essence
Split Shot When you hit your Launcher's projectile with an Attack, it splits into two and gains +0.5 sec duration. 2 Essence
Steadfast Shot Your Launcher's projectile has +1 sec duration. 2 Essence

The Viridian Trail

The monsters in the Viridian Trail are a considerable uptick in difficulty compared to The Outskirts. However, with enough practise, you'll get to learn their attack patterns and conserve your Health for the boss battle.

The final boss is quite tricky also; you'll want to aim to get around 200+ HP by the end of this dungeon before facing the boss. Unlock the Spiritfall Skill Verdant Fortitude to gain +25 Health at the start of your Dungeon Runs.

Upgrading Blessings

Finally, you'll want to prioritize your main attacking skills based on the weapon you're using.

For Battle Hammer Axe, you should be focusing on your Launcher and Bolt.

For Sisterhood Gauntlets, you'll want to focus on Attack and Bolt.

For Astral Cord Bow, focus on your Launcher and Bolt.

If you get any spare, upgrade your Assist skill.

Make sure you have a Dash skill because you'll be using it a lot.

We managed to defeat the boss with 200 HP and have all our main attack skills (Launcher + Bolt) with 1 upgrade each.

The Viridian Trail Enemies

Here are all the enemies you'll find at The Viridian Trail.

Enemy Type Tactic
Normal The easiest of the enemies in The Viridian Trail.
Thorn Ape
Thorn Ape
Normal, Elite The Thorn Ape will shoot out projectiles to you if left alone; best to get up close and personal with these to prevent them from taking advantage of their range attacks.
Normal, Elite Annoying flying mob, the Spearbeak will often be out of reach so using your Bolt attack is essential against these enemies. They also have a darting attack that can cause them to get stuck in walls.
Normal, Elite The Barkspinner has a long spinning attack that can hit you out of nowhere. Best to target these enemies first to prevent them from piling up on you.
Rose Warrior
Rose Warrior
Normal The Rose Warrior has a lot of HP and can dart out of the way of your attacks. Stunning them and combining combos is your best bet to wiping them out fast.
Boombug Host
Boombug Host
Normal The Boombug Host shoots out little Boombugs that when hit will detonate after a couple of seconds. On it's own, the Boombug Host is easy to target with a Bolt attack, however, when the map is crowded with many enemies, their Boombugs can cause chaos.
Normal, Elite Similar to the Rose Warrior, the Roninshrrom has lots of HP. Be wary of it's upwards attack when standing above it.



A quick word on Rifts. These appear when you approach the end part of a Dungeon. A Rift is a special boss fight that requires you to launch the boss into the surrounding walls to defeat it.

You can defeat it up to 3 times, and you'll be rewarded 3 times. If you can take it out without losing too much Health, it's an easy 3 upgrades.

Using the Spirit Blessing Dousing Bolt is an easy way of defeating the boss without spending too much health.

You'll get at least one Spirit Blessing Upgrade, Health Increase and an Essence.

The Viridian Trail Boss Fight - Dark Trinity

Dark Trinity

THREE BOSSES? Of the three dungeons, the Dark Trinity is probably the toughest fight in the entire game.

There are three different enemies to watch out for, all with teleportation attacks that can land on you at any moment. Get used to using an attack and then quickly dashing away to safety.

The Bowman

The Bowman of the Dark Trinity has two attacks you'll want to watch out for. The bowman will fire from the middle of the map arrows up into the air- it is the perfect opportunity to get in a few hits before dashing away. Those arrows will then come down and hit the spots on the floor; you can use the floating platforms to dodge the arrows.

The Bowman

The other attack the Bowman uses is a guided arrow attack that you will need to be constantly aware of. Listen out for the bowstring sound effect so know when this is about to be launched; dashing behind the bowman will avoid it easily.


Next up is the the Trident/Polearm guy. He is one of the most annoying parts of this boss run; he will constantly appear above you and slam down his weapon on you and it's very easy to miss with all the chaos going on.

Rush Attack

He also has a rush attack where he will glow red and charge the bottom of the map; just jump onto the top platforms or use dash to escape.


The third of the trio has a long katana sword. His first attack is easy to dodge; he will land on a platform and then perform a slash attack that is very delayed. Just dash behind him and attack safely.


The other attack is a three-slash attack that can be hard to get away from if you get hit.

Overall there is a lot going on in this fight and your best chance of survival is to be constantly moving; attack and move is the best policy. Dash is very key here as it can act as an iframe between opponent attacks.


When one of the trio die, the others will glow and shoot out exploding projectiles that you'll to dodge.


When only one of them is left, they'll use a new attack. The Polearm guy will shoot out a map-wide laser attack that is very hard to dodge; best tip is to get really close and dash above him.

Check out the video below for more tips on taking out the Dark Trinity:

After defeating the Dark Trinity, you'll have unlocked The Burrows dungeon!

That wraps up part 2 of the Spiritfall Walkthrough! Let us know your tips for taking down the Dark Trinity in the comments.

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