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Spiritfall - Skill Upgrades

April 7, 2023

In Spiritfall you can upgrade your skills using Dormant Ember at the Perennial Flame. These skills will boost your damage, stats and add new abilities during your Dungeon Runs, so they are vital for unlocking the most out of your runs.

You can earn Dormant Ember as rewards for completing levels in your dungeon runs. Once you upgrade a skill, it is permanent and applied to every run.

Upgrading skills will also unlock other skills in the tree; it doesn't matter which skills you upgrade for each Spirit as they are all applied during your run.

There are six different Divine Spirits in Spiritfall, all with their own unique skill upgrades available.

Dormant Embers are an infinite resource you can continue to collect as you play, so don't worry too much about which skills to upgrade.

Spiritfall Skills

Skills Of Sharbora


Skill Description Cost Unlocks
Divine Protection After you get hit, you are protected from further damage for a short duration. 1 Dormant Ember Blooming Wanderlust
Blooming Wanderlust When entering a new room, recover 1% Health per visited Region. 3 Dormant Ember -
Verdant Fortitude Gain +25 base Max Health. 2 Dormant Ember Directional Influence
Directional Influence When you get hit, slightly adjust your Knockback trajectory by aiming your input to the desired direction. 1 Dormant Ember -

Skills Of Kelumin


Skill Description Cost Unlocks
Pounce While grounded, Dash and immediately Jump afterwards to leap with increased horizontal speed. 1 Dormant Ember Bite Marks, Full Moon, High Alert
Bite Marks The final hit in your Side-Attack combo deals +10% damage if the previous hit in that combo also landed. 2 Dormant Ember -
Full Moon When you have full Max Health, your Essence Multiplier increases slightly faster. 3 Dormant Ember -
High Alert Your Essence Multiplier is preserved for +1 sec. without hitting enemies before starting to decay during combat. 1 Dormant Ember -

Skills Of Solesh


Skill Description Cost Unlocks
Air Superiority Airborne enemies receive +5% damage and are stunned for +10% longer by your attacks. 1 Dormant Ember Prismatic Bond
Golden Rebirth Start new runs with 100 Dust. 3 Dormant Ember Prismatic Bond, Unyielding Fire
Unyielding Fire Recover to 20% Health whenever you enter a boss room with less than 20% Health. 4 Dormant Ember -
Prismatic Bond You deal +5% Damage for each Spirit whose Blessings you possess. 5 Dormant Ember -

Skills Of Nalolik


Skill Description Cost Unlocks
Radiant Rewind When you get hit, your Essence Multiplier is cut in half instead of resetting. 2 Dormant Ember Prismatic Bond
Rollback If you are hit during an ability that had a Cooldown before it could trigger, refund its Cooldown immediately. 2 Dormant Ember -
Hop You can bounce on certain enemies by jumping while directly above them, briefly stunning them. 1 Dormant Ember Swift Daze
Swift Daze Bouncing on a stunned enemy using Hop also deals 5 damage and resets your Dash. 2 Dormant Ember -

Skills Of Mishved


Skill Description Cost Unlocks
Enduring Grit Always endure a killing blow with 1 Health if your Health was at least 10% prior. 2 Dormant Ember Cold Retribution
Frozen Flame Your Essence Multiplier will not decay while outside of Combat. 3 Dormant Ember Cold Retribution, Brain Freeze
Cold Retribution For 1 sec. after you are hit, your Launcher deals +25% damage. 2 Dormant Ember -
Bone-chilling Launch Your Launcher deals +20% damage to stunned enemies. 2 Dormant Ember Brain Freeze
Brain Freeze If enemies are kept stunned for more than 1 sec, they receive +20% damage from Attacks and Launchers until their stun expires. 2 Dormant Ember -

Skills Of Yamphas


Skill Description Cost Unlocks
Wavedash jump and immediately Dash while close to solid ground to slide with a burst of speed and advance 50% of the remaining Dash's Cooldown 1 Dormant Ember Tidal Waves
Tidal Waves Enemies that you Wall Splat are stunned for +25% longer. 1 Dormant Ember Seismic Ripple
Seismic Ripple Non-Boss enemies with under 10% Health are slain instantly if you Wall Splat them. 1 Dormant Ember -
Skipping Stones When you throw a stunned enemy into another enemy, it remains stunned for +25% longer. 1 Dormant Ember Brain Freeze


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