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Spiritfall - The Outskirts Dungeon - Walkthrough - Part 2

April 7, 2023

The first dungeon in Spiritfall is called The Outskirts, where you get a nice welcoming to the game's mechanics, before it starts to get more difficult in later levels.

Before starting a run, make sure you are upgrading your Spiritfall Skills, Ordinances and Weapon Upgrades. Upgrading all of these will offer you many different boosts and advantages going forward, allowing you to progress faster and more efficiently.

The Outskirts


The Outskirts is made up of 11 different levels. Each run is randomly generated, so you won't be able to plan your Spirit Blessing path before you begin. You can, however, just reset the run at the beginning if you don't like any of the skills available.

Weapon Choices

Weapon Choices Spiritfall

There are three different weapon choices, if you have them unlocked, that will provide very different play styles. You should be able to beat all dungeons with all weapons, but some you may find are easier than others.

The default Battle-Hammer Axe offers a powerful Launcher ability that will fire your enemies into walls for splat damage. You'll want to use a mixture of close-quarters combat and playing it safe.

The Sisterhood Gauntlets allow you to stun your opponents with many quickfire combo attacks. You'll want to be getting very close to your enemies when using these weapons.

The Astral Cord Bow allows you to play from a safer distance, firing your Launcher into enemies to deal lots of damage.

The Outskirt Enemies

Each dungeon has it's own set of enemies for you to take down. We'll list them below with some tips and tricks for taking them out.

Enemy Type Tactics
Normal, Elite Vermin are the easiest monsters in The Outskirts. They have two attacks; projectiles and a quick nip attack. They have a long animation when they're about to fire a projectile so they are easy to take out and interrupt.

The Elite version has way more health and shoots out 3 projectiles, so be careful when tackling this enemy.
Normal The Dunehopper has some awkward movement that can catch you out, with diagonal attacks and delayed animations. You should use your normal attacks and bolts to interrupt them.
Bile fly
Bile Fly
Normal Bile Fly are really annoying; they fly out of the way and fire off slow targeting projectiles. Use your Bolt to get them down closer to your level.
Slab Roller
Slab Roller
Normal, Elite

The Slab Roller has a shield you'll need to break in order to stun it. It has a spinning attack move that will fly towards you, but you can dodge it using your Dash move.

The Elite version's spin has a larger hitbox and can hit you within two platforms.

Shield Scorpium
Shielded Scorpion
Normal, Elite The Shielded Scorpion will fire out a projectile that explodes after a couple of seconds, damaging anything that is nearby, including itself. It also has a scorpion tail attack move if you get too close for too long. It also has a shield that you'll need to break in order to stun it.

Spirit Blessing Tips

Spiritfall Dousing Bolt

Tinkering with your Spirit Blessings will make a massive difference to your runs. Sometimes you'll just get unlucky and won't get the abilities you like and other times you'll be equipped with the most powerful ones allowing you to blast through most enemies.

Bolt Attacks

When it comes to Bolt attacks, these projectiles make a huge difference in dungeon runs. They can deal out huge amounts of damage whilst you stand from a safe-spot, allowing you to preserve your health for the upcoming boss battles. We recommend going with:

  • Dousing Bolt - Yamphas (Blue)
  • Chain-Lightning Bolt - Nalolik (Yellow)
  • Blizzard-Bomb Bolt - Mishved (Light blue)

Assist Attacks

Your assist attack allows you to perform decent damage but it has a much longer cooldown than your Bolt attack. It's great to use to get out of sticky situations or when there are lots of enemies grouped up together.

We recommend:

  • Twister - Sharbora (green)
  • Moon Scar - Kelumin (Pink)

Enduring Sentry - The Outskirts Boss Fight

Enduring Sentry Boss

When you reach the end of The Outskirts, you'll have to face the boss Enduring Sentry.

This is going to be far the hardest enemy you have fought so far and it takes a bit of practise to get used all the different mechanics.

Hopefully, going into this fight, you have around 150 HP. The more the better (upgrading your Spiritfall Skills to get the +25 HP at the beginning of runs).

You'll also want to have a decent Bolt that has been upgraded at least once.

The Enduring Sentry has a shield you'll need to break in order to start stunning them. Once the shield is broken, your attacks can prevent them from attacking, so this is when it is critical to get in as many combo strikes as possible before they regenerate the shield.

There are several moves that you should look out for as perfect opportunities to strike.

Sentry attack

The first is when they launch their sword into the ground to create three glowing strikes that come out of the ground. This is a long animation and if you dash through it and get round the other side of the Sentry you can perform several attacks.


The second is when they dash forward and summon three fireballs in the air. As long as you dodge the fireballs, the Sentry is very vulnerable to attacks at this stage.

Slash Attack

Keep an eye out for the three-slash attack; you should get as far away from the Sentry when this is performed and it's a good idea to use your ranged Bolt attacks and Assist skills (if you have them).

If you stand too far away from the Sentry, she will use her ranged attack that has a very short animation and is quite difficult to dash-predict so be careful!


When the Sentry regenerates their shield, swords will fall down from the sky. You can dodge them with a well-timed Dash.

You'll get a feel for this boss fight after several attempts and you'll be able to predict their attacks a lot better. Check out the video below for more tips:

When you defeat the boss, you'll gain access to The Viridian Trail dungeon! That wraps up this part of the Spiritfall Walkthrough- let us know your tips in the comments.


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