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Kena: Bridge Of Spirits - All Meditation Spots - Locations

October 12, 2021

In Kena: Bridge Of Spirits you'll come across Meditation Spots throughout the world. These spots are very important as they increase Kena's Max HP, allowing her to survive for long periods of time in the toughest boss battles.

A Meditation Spot can be identified on the ground as a blue circle; these circles can form after taking out a hard boss or they are hidden away in the wilderness. This guide will show you all the locations of Meditation Spots so you won't miss a single one.

There are a total of 11 Meditation Spots altogether. Use the map below to see their location.

Meditation Spots - Kena Bridge Of Spirts

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Rusu Mountain

Meditation Spot #1

Kena Bridge Target

Kena Meditation

The first Meditation Spot is located in Rusu's Mountain. Just as you come down from the Rusu's Lookout, you'll slide down a path and cross a bridge. If you take the path to the right of the bridge you'll see a Meditation Spot overlooking the mountains.

Forgotten Forest

Meditation Spot #2

Broken Stairs



Forgotten Forest Meditation Spot

At the water shrine there is some ruined stairs; climb up them and you'll come to a small bridge. Jump off the bridge into the water; at the end of the river is a statue with a crystal embedded inside it; hit it with an arrow to reveal some stepping stones. You'll then come to a Meditation Spot.

Meditation Spot #3

Path To The Lantern Cave

Forest Tear Lantern Cave

Head to the entrance of the Lantern Cave and you'll come to an area with a Forest Tear. You can use it to clear some weeds on the right and then follow the narrow path to find a Meditation Spot.

Taro's Tree

Meditation Spot #4

Taro Meditation Spot

After defeating Corrupt Taro, his relic spot will turn into a Meditation Spot.


Meditation Spot #5

Forge House

Forge Meditation Spot

In the house at the Forge location, there is a wall you climb up to get into the roof of the house. Jump into the blocked room to find a hidden Meditation Spot.

Meditation Spot #6

Circular Stairs

Meditation Spot Fields

When you come to the area with the spiral staircase which is inside the Tower in the Fields area (use the Tower Entrance teleport marker). Instead of going down the stairs, you can go out towards the sea and find a Meditation Spot.

Meditation Spot #8

Adira Mask Rot Hat

After defeating Corrupt Woodsmith, Adira's relic spot will turn into a Meditation Spot.

Village Heart Caves

Meditation Spot #7

Village Heart Cave Deadzone Flower

Village Heart Meditation Spot

At the entrance to the Village Heart Caves, you can exit to the mountain side (just before entering the cave) and find a clifftop. Look down to destroy a Deadzone Flower and then jump across to find the Meditation Spot.


Meditation Spot #9

Mask Maker Meditation Spot

After defeating the Mask Maker in Mask Maker Path, there is a Meditation Spot on the cliffside where you fought him.

Meditation Spot #10

Warrior Meditation Spot

After defeating the Warrior in Warrior Path, there is a Meditation Spot in the center of the area you fought him.

Meditation Spot #11

Hunter Meditation Spot

After defeating the Hunter in Hunter Path, there is a Meditation Spot in the area where you fought her.

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