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Kena: Bridge Of Spirits - All Spirit Mail Locations

October 13, 2021

Spirit Mail are special letters that you need to deliver to the homes of those who are trapped in this world. You can find Spirit Mail all over the world in Kena: Bridge Of Spirits and this guide will show you all the locations of the Spirit Mail and where you need to deliver them.

When you acquire a Spirit Mail, you can post it in the letterbox of the house it corresponds to, unlocking a new area to explore. These new areas include Rot, Treasure Chests, Rot Hats and more!

The Village

Spirit Mail #1

Head to the houses on the right side of the village. Take the path up towards Taro's Tree and there are several houses to your right. One of them, the entrance is boarded up- however, if you go around the side of the house you can find a block you can move with your Rot. Move it so you can climb onto the roof of the house and jump inside, where you'll find the Spirit Mail.

The Village House

The Village Spirit Mail

Spirit Mail #9


Spirit Mail Mask Maker Path

You'll come to an area in Mask Maker Path where there is a tall house you can climb up from the back of it. This area is the first area you come to in Mask Maker Path. Climb all the way to the top to find the Spirit Mail #9.

Spirit Mail #10

Rocks On Wall

Warrior Path Secret

Warrior Path Spirit Mail

In Warrior Path, there is a hidden area that you can access just before you take the Spirit Portal to the Warrior Boss area (with the giant bell). You'll see glowing rocks attached to the mountain side that you can cross over to if you throw a bomb. Follow the path from there, and you'll have to fight a few mobs. Then you'll come to another Spirit Portal, where you'll find a Spirit Mail and a Treasure Chest containing the Samurai Rot Hat.

Rusu Mountain

Spirit Mail #2

Rusu Mountain Cliff Top

Rusu Mountain Spirit Mail

On your way to Rusu Mountain, there will be several large cliffs you will need to climb around. You'll eventually come to a small cave; instead of going through it, climb to the right of it and you'll find a Spirit Mail.

Forgotten Forest

Spirit Mail #3

God Tree Cliff


Forgotten Forest Spirit Mail

Climb up the God Tree Shrine in Forgotten Forest; about halfway up you'll come to a branch sticking out. Across from you is a Teleport Flower- use an Arrow to cross over and then climb around the tree to find the Spirit Mail.

Spirit Mail #4

Forest Tear

Block Forgotten Forest


Spirit Mail

In order to get this Spirit Mail, first you must cleanse the Water Shrine so that the Forest Tear is available. Use the Forest Tear to clear away the Deadzone Weeds just in front of the shrine to reveal a large square block.

Use your Rot to move the block just next to the Teleport Warp. Climb up and you'll see a Teleport Flower; hit it with an Arrow and then immediately turn around to find another Teleport Flower, hit it and again look behind you to find a third teleport flower; you'll be teleported onto a Tree Stump where the Spirit Mail is.


Spirit Mail #5

Deadzone Flower House

Storehouse Spirit Mail

There is only one Spirit Mail location in Storehouse. You can find it inside the house with the Deadzone Flower covering it. You'll need to use your Bomb Ability to get up to the house.


Spirit Mail #6

Forge Spirit Cave

Forge Spirit Mail

Head to the Forge teleport marker and instead of taking the lift to the bottom, there is a staircase on the right of the house. Head all the way down and you'll come a cave. There is a Forest Tear you can make in the center and some rocks on the floor that allow you to make a bridge when you throw a bomb. Now use the Forest Tear to cross and slam onto the dial. This will cause the water to rise and allow you to cross the cave. Swim to the outside of the cave and you'll find the Spirit Mail on a wooden balcony.

Village Heart

Spirit Mail #7

Spirit Mail

There is a Spirit Mail in one of the wooden houses at the Village Heart center.

Spirit Mail #8



Spirit Mail Entrance

Head to the Village Heart Entrance and instead of going inside, take the path to the left and out onto the mountain cliffs. If you look down the side of the mountain on your right, you'll see some glowing rocks. Throw a bomb and use the Teleport Flower to cross and jump onto the side of the mountain. Shimmy across and you'll eventually be able to pull yourself up onto the cliffside. There will be a giant broken glowing door- throw a bomb and behind it is the Spirit Mail.

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