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Crown Zenith - Best Cards To Pull - Pokemon TCG

Crown Zenith - Best Cards To Pull - Pokemon TCG

calendar_todayPosted on 19th January 2023

Crown Zenith is the final set of the Pokemon TCG Sword and Shield Series, which includes a bunch of amazing cards that were cut from the Japanese counterpart sets in the series.

Crown Zenith releases 20th January, 2023 and comes in special Pokemon TCG products. There are no Booster Boxes for Crown Zenith; instead you'll get your Booster Packs from Elite Trainer Boxes and other special Pokemon TCG products like mini-tins and collection boxes.

Crown Zenith Card List contains 230 Cards in the set; this includes a 70 Galarian Gallery Subset which features Ultra Rares, Secret Rare Holos and VSTAR cards.

We also see the return of Radiant Rare cards, including the Radiant Charizard card! Pull Rates for Crown Zenith are a little harder to calculate this time round due to no Booster Boxes being available.

Best Cards To Pull From Crown Zenith

We've gone through all 230 Cards in the Crown Zenith Set and these are our favourite ones we think are the best pulls to get.

Arceus VSTAR Galarian Gallery Secret Rare


Arceus VSTAR


Secret Rare Holo

Crown Zenith comes with a subset of cards called the Galarian Gallery (similar to Trainer Gallery in previous sets) and probably the most sought after cards are going to be the Golden Secret Rare cards. There are four in total, and collecting all four together allows you to recreate a picture by placing them next to each other.

We could have chosen any of the four; but we're going with the Arceus VSTAR for it's legendary pose and and amazing background. We are seeing these cards hitting between $100-$200 at early market prices.

Zacian V Galarian Gallery


Zacian V


Rare Holo V

There are so many gorgeous cards in the Crown Zenith Galarian Gallery subset that we could have listed about 10 more. We've chosen the Zacian V for it's unique alternative artstyle that will have many Pokemon TCG collecter's chasing it down.

There are four different Zacian cards in this set but this one is by far the most popular.

Mewtwo VSTAR Galarian Gallery


Mewtwo VSTAR


Rare Holo VSTAR

Mewtwo VSTAR is also part of the Galarian Gallery. We haven't seen much of Mewtwo at all in the Sword and Shield series and it's nice to have a gorgeous VSTAR art card to sign off the Sword and Shield series.

There is also a Rare Holo Mewtwo in the regular Crown Zenith set.

Simisear VSTAR Galarian Gallery


Simisear VSTAR


Rare Holo VSTAR

If you felt that Pokemon TCG cards were becoming a bit stale, the Crown Zenith set has plenty of alternative designs for you to enjoy. We've chosen the Simisear VSTAR for it's charming background; it's another Galarian Gallery subset card and currently hitting prices of around $40.

Leafeon VSTAR Galarian Gallery


Leafeon VSTAR


Rare Holo VSTAR

We got lots of Eevee evolutions in Evolving Skies but the set had some of the worst pull rates ever. The Leafeon VSTAR was probably cut from Evolving Skies so it's great we get to have more Eevee artwork to chase.

Mew Rare Holo Galarian Gallery




Rare Holo

Another card in the Galarian Gallery that will have people chasing is the Mew Rare Holo card. Mew is always a favourite Pokemon that people love to pull and it seems in Crown Zenith Mew won't be too hard to pull. It's early listing price is around $20.00. If this was an alternate-art card, it would probably be hitting above $70!

Pikachu Secret Rare Holo




Secret Rare Holo

A nice way to cap off the Crown Zenith set is with the Pikachu Secret Rare (160/159). It looks like a card straight from a Trainer Gallery subset, but in Crown Zenith it is part of the main set. It's early pricing seems to indicate a lot of demand, hitting above $100 on multiple market sites.

With it being the only secret rare of the main set, it may have a really low pull rate.

Radiant Charizard


Radiant Charizard


Rare Radiant

Radiant Rare cards were introduced in the Astral Radiance and we have already had a Radiant Charizard in the special Pokemon GO TCG Set released last year. Of the three Radiant cards included in Crown Zenith we feel this is one of the better ones and glad it's been included.

Cynthia's Ambition Ultra Rare Galarian Gallery

There are lots of great Ultra Rare Trainer Cards in Crown Zenith and again, we were spoilt for choice with which one to include in our best Crown Zenith pulls. We settled on Cynthia's Ambition; she's a powerful Pokemon champion from the Sinnoh region (generation IV) and has been featured a lot in the Pokemon Anime.

It is currently one of the most expensive trainer cards on market sites out of the Crown Zenith set so it will be interesting to see where it ends up.


Cynthia's Ambition


Ultra Rare

Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR


Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR


Secret Rare Holo

We'll end with another Secret Rare Gold card from the Galarian Gallery: Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR. The art of all four cards is too amazing to keep them out of our list and we'd be happy pulling any of them from a booster pack. Let's hope the pull rates are not too dire for these, especially if you want to collect all four to create the picture!

That wraps up our list of Best Cards to pull from Crown Zenith! Let us know in the comments what your favorite cards are and whether you think they should be in on our list!

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So excited for this set!!!

Yep it's my fave Sword and Shield easily

top 5 easily also look at that origin form palkia vstar

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