Silver Tempest - Best Cards To Pull - Pokemon TCG

Silver Tempest - Best Cards To Pull - Pokemon TCG

calendar_today11th November 2022

 (Last updated 21st November 2022)

Silver Tempest is the 12th set in the Sword and Shield series of the Pokemon TCG and we've chosen the best cards you can pull from this gigantic 245 card set!

With the last set of 2022 finally arriving and the last main entry set for the Pokemon TCG Sword & Shield series, Silver Tempest features fan favorite rarities including V, VMAX, VSTAR and a return of Radiant Rare. The Silver Tempest Card List contains some of the top cards in the Pokemon TCG series.

When it comes to the Best Cards To Pull from Silver Tempest, everyone will be looking at the new alternative full-art cards that come with this set. Check out our list below to see which ones have made our top list!

This set comes in at 245 different cards, with 389 for the master set (including reverse holo cards). That makes it the 3rd biggest expansion of the Sword and Shields series, behind Lost Origin (2nd) and Fusion Strike (first).

Silver Tempest set features the legendary Pokemon Lugia heavily, which was a generation II Pokemon and even had it's own movie made for it (Pokemon: The Power Of One).

Silver Tempest returns with 30 Trainer Gallery cards, including the unique black gold secret rare cards.

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Best Cards To Pull From Silver Tempest

With all that being said, here is our list of the best pulls you can get from Silver Tempest. Take a look at the Silver Tempest Pull Rates to get an idea of how rare some of these beautiful cards will be.

Lugia V Alternative Art


Lugia V


Ultra Rare

At the top of our list is the Lugia V Alternative Art. This is going to be the most expensive card from the Silver Tempest set, with prices going from around $300.00 for this card in mint condition. If you're lucky enough to pull this, sleeve it up and keep it protected as it's definitely one of the better cards from the Sword and Shield series.

Unown V Alternative Art


Unown V


Ultra Rare

Alternative Arts are always in the best pulls list for Pokemon TCG cards and this Unown V card is no exception. We could have even put in the Unown V Ultra Rare card as that looks stunning too. Currently going for around $60, Unown are a Pokemon introduced in Generation II that come in forms of a strange alphabet.

There are 3 other Unown cards in this set- it's nice to see them get some love in this Pokemon TCG series.

Serena Rainbow Rare




Rare Rainbow

The choice between trainers in Rainbow Rare or just their normal Ultra Rare form is often debated among Pokemon TCG collectors. Serena is going to one of the best pulls from Silver Tempest and the Ultra Rare version of this card is priced similarly at around $50 in early markets. Let us know in the comments whether you prefer your trainer cards in Rainbow Rare- they do seem to take out a lot of the detail but they also give an extra rainbow-rare shine!

Rayquaza VMAX Trainer Gallery


Rayquaza VMAX


Secret Rare Holo

The Trainer Gallery is back with Silver Tempest, with plenty of cool Pokemon on show. Rayquaza is a fan favorite among the legendary dragon collectors and this Rayquaza VMAX will be on most collector's best cards list. Trainer Gallery Pokemon cards can be just as rare as some Ultra Rare cards, so keep an eye out for them!

Lugia VSTAR Secret Rare




Secret Rare Holo

Lugia is the mascot of Silver Tempest with 6 different cards available! We've chosen the golden secret rare Lugia to add to our list as most collectors love getting the golden Pokemon cards. You could easily have replaced this card with the VSTAR or even the V version of Lugia as they all have stunning artwork.

Seriously, if you love Lugia, Silver Tempest is for you!

Alolan Vulpix VSTAR Rainbow Rare


Alolan Vulpix VSTAR


Rare Rainbow

Alolan Vulpix arrives just in time for Winter and this Rainbow Rare version is currently sitting at around $30. There are also 3 other versions of this card in the set: a V and VSTAR, as well as an Ultra Rare version. Vulpix is originally a fire type Pokemon, but this new Alolan version makes it a perfect fit for the Silver Tempest set!

Blissey V Trainer Gallery


Blissey V


Rare Holo V

The Trainer Gallery certainly has some hard cards to pull. Based on our Silver Tempest Pull Rate data, we found Blissey super difficult to pull. If you manage to get this card from your Silver Tempest Booster Packs, keep good care of it!





Ultra Rare

Lance is a member of the Elite Four in the first generation of Pokemon Games (and has appeared in others too!), including the second generation Gold and Silver, so he fits right in with the Lugia theme of Silver Tempest. This ultra-rare trainer card is currently hitting highs of $30 on marketplaces for TCG cards.

Serperior Secret Rare


Serperior VSTAR


Secret Rare Holo

We wanted to add a Serperior card into our list as there are just some really good artwork versions of this Generation V Pokemon. It gets to share a spot in the golden Secret Rare cards of Silver Tempest (alongside Lugia!) but you might prefer the artwork of the Serperior VSTAR instead.

The Secret Rare is currently going for around $50!

Regidrago V Alternative Art


Regidrago V


Ultra Rare

Our final entry into our best pulls for Silver Tempest is the Regidrago V Alternative Art. You're looking at paying close to $100 on TCG marketplaces for this card (during the early phases at least anyway) and it's a beauty to have in your collection.

That wraps up our list of Best Cards to pull from Silver Tempest! Let us know in the comments what your favorite cards are and whether you think they should be in on our list!

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