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Vote: Your Favorite Silver Tempest Cards - Pokemon TCG

November 7, 2023

Silver Tempest has been out for a while now and we want you to vote on your favorite Silver Tempest Pokemon TCG card! Vote on our poll to have your say on what the best card of Silver Tempest is.

We recently put out our Best Cards To Pull from Silver Tempest guide, now it's time to have your say.

We've added every holo+ card to our Favorite Silver Tempest Cards Poll. You don't need an account to vote either!

Silver Tempest has a total of 245 different cards to collect; it includes VSTAR and Radiant Rare cards, as well as 30 Team Gallery cards. The most expensive card is currently the Lugia V Alt-Art, that is currently going for over $200!

Silver Tempest is the last set of Pokemon TCG to be released this year (2022) and is the last main-entry set for the Sword and Shield series. The next set to be released in Crown Zenith in February 2023.

What is your favorite card from Pokemon TCG: Silver Tempest set?

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