Scarlet & Violet - Best Cards To Pull - Pokemon TCG

Scarlet & Violet - Best Cards To Pull - Pokemon TCG

calendar_today30th March 2023

 (Last updated 31st March 2023)

Scarlet and Violet Pokemon TCG set is here and we've compiled the best cards to pull from the set and there was a lot to choose from!

Scarlet & Violet kicks off a brand new series for Pokemon TCG and it comes with some very interesting changes that make getting pulls from this set very interesting.

The rarity system has changed; cards now have special star branding on them to indicate their rarity, which is helpful for those who don't follow the TCG online and need a quick reference to the card's rarity.

Probably the biggest change though has been the Scarlet & Violet Booster Pack Pull Rates. A Booster Pack now costs slightly more, but it also is guaranteed to contain at least one rare holographic card, with a total of 3 foil cards in each pack!

This means (hopefully) more chances to pull the best cards from the set! Scarlet & Violet Card List contains over 250 different cards, with plenty of alternative arts, ultra rares and Hyper Rare cards for us to dream over.

Don't like our choice for Best Scarlet & Violet Cards? You can VOTE for your favorite popular Scarlet & Violet card here!

Best Cards To Pull From Scarlet & Violet

We've tried our best to come up with 10 Best Pokemon TCG cards from the Scarlet and Violet set! There were so many beautiful and rare cards in this set that we're sure many people will have a different idea on what they think the best pulls are.

That being said, let's get into it!

Miriam - Alternative Art




Special Illustration Rare

With a new generation of Pokemon games released, it means a brand new set of trainer cards to pop up. Miriam has three versions in Scarlet & Violet set, and the alternative art double-gold star rare is clearly the best pull.

This card is going above $100 on the early market and it'll be interesting to see where it settles once pull rates for Scarlet & Violet get revealed.

Koraidon EX - Alternative Art


Koraidon EX


Special Illustration Rare

As a mascot for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, Koraidon fronts this brand new Pokemon TCG set very well. It comes in several editions, including a gold Hyper Rare card. We've chosen the double-gold star alternative art Koraidon EX card for our list due to its amazing art work.

There is also a really good Miraidon EX Alternative Art that could have taken this slot too! Both cards are reaching around the $60 mark currently.

Gyarados EX - Ultra Rare


Gyarados EX


Ultra Rare

Ultra Rares have not gone away and Gyarados EX is definitely one you'll be hoping to pull. It has the shiny art-work similar to Shining Fates: Shiny Vault set and is a stand-out card among the other Ultra Rares.

This card and Arcanine EX Ultra Rare are both great pulls, sitting at around $20.00 at the time of writing this.

Drowzee - Alternative Art




Illustration Rare

There are so many gorgeous alt-art cards in Scarlet & Violet set that it is really hard to not just include them all. We've gone with this awesome Drowzee card, illustrated by Tomokazu Komiya. It's early price point is less than $10, so it might be worth a pickup ever if you don't manage to pull it.

Drowzee is an original generation one Pokemon, so we're always happy to include those in our best pull lists!

Riolu - Alternative Art




Illustration Rare

Riolu gets a spot for it's great artwork; the vibrant colors make this card feel like it was taken straight out of the Anime. There are two other common Riolu cards in this set, so picking up this alternative art will likely be at a decent price.

Miraidon EX - Hyper Rare


Miraidon EX


Hyper Rare

Gold cards are back and have their own rarity symbol- 3 Gold Stars and a new name Hyper Rares. Like most of the cards in this list, it is also a Secret Rare too!

Since we went with the alt-art Koraidon, it seems only fair we chose the Miraidon EX Hyper Rare for this list. It'll be interesting to see if the gold cards out perform the alt-arts in this series of the Pokemon TCG?

Rare Candy - Hyper Rare


Rare Candy


Hyper Rare

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet keep the tradition of making Hyper Rare Gold cards for trainer items too. The other card is the Nest Ball, but Rare Candy will always make our list due to the free level ups it gives to your Pokemon!

Dondozo - Alternative Art




Illustration Rare

As a fresh new set of a fresh new series, it's great to see awesome artwork like this for the new generation IX Pokemon. Dondozo is a water-type Pokemon but you'd be mistaken from thinking it was an amazing legendary Pokemon due to mesmerizing artwork on show here.

You'll find that new Pokemon are still unknown to most Pokemon fans and so you can pick up their cards for quite cheap! This one is going for under $5!

Slowpoke - Alternative Art




Illustration Rare

We love these types of illustrations and would buy a whole set in this style if we could! Slowpoke Alternative Art makes our top ten list for Scarlet and Violet; you'll probably be able to pick this card up for less than $10.00.

Arcanine Ex - Double Rare Holo


Arcanine EX


Double Rare Holo

Whilst the Double Rare Holo cards are not super rare, we wanted to mention the new Tera form cards introduced into the Scarlet and Violet set. Tera Form is a new mechanic in the Pokemon games, so it's interesting these Tera Forms are only of the new Double Rare rarity.

Either way, we love the Arcanine EX! There is also a really cool Gyarados EX Tera form card in this set.

Have Your Say

If you were going to choose your top 10 Scarlet & Violet cards, what would they be? Leave a comment below with your list! Don't forget you can VOTE for your favorite popular Scarlet & Violet card here!

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