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VOTE: Popular Scarlet & Violet Pokemon TCG Cards

March 31, 2023

Vote for your favorite Scarlet & Violet Pokemon TCG Cards in our poll and let the world know what you think is the most popular card in the set!

Scarlet & Violet Card List contains over 250 cards and so choosing your favorite card might be a little tricky! But not to worry, we've only included Rare Holo or above cards to vote on as they are usually the most sought after cards in the Pokemon TCG.

Scarlet & Violet kicks off a new series of Pokemon TCG, including a new rarity system, new Scarlet and Violet Booster Pull Rates and more!

Let us know what the Best Cards for Scarlet & Violet are by voting below!

Select a card below to vote on. You can vote once, so choose wisely!

What is your favorite card from Pokemon TCG: Scarlet & Violet set?

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it says to click on my favorite card, but nothing happens when I do... so... my vote goes to... Alt. Art Gyarados EX! (225/198)
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You need to click the checkbox and then the vote button at the bottom of the page :)
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