Paldea Evolved - Best Cards To Pull - Pokemon TCG

Paldea Evolved - Best Cards To Pull - Pokemon TCG

calendar_today8th June 2023

Paldea Evolved is the second set in the Scarlet and Violet Pokemon TCG series and out of the 279 cards available we've got the best cards to pull listed in this guide!

Paldea Evolved releases on 9th June 2023 and with it comes a huge set; the Paldea Evolved Card List contains 270+ cards and over 80 Secret Rare cards! This is one of the biggest sets released and choosing the best cards from it has been quite tricky!

The new Paldea Evolved sets use the new rarities introduced in Scarlet and Violet: Illustration Rare, Double Star Rare, Hyper Rare and Special Illustration Rares. These are usually the best cards to pull in terms of monetary value, but you'll also find some gorgeous holo cards throughout this set.

As a main set, Paldea Evolved comes with Booster Boxes, Elite Trainer Boxes and Build and Battle boxes that contain Booster Packs for you to open. Hopefully the pull rates of Paldea Evolved will be as good as Scarlet and Violet, because there are a lot of awesome Pokemon Cards we want to get our hands on in this set.

Let us know in the comments below your favorite pulls from Paldea Evolved!

Best Cards To Pull From Paldea Evolved

Chi-Yu Ex - Special Illustration Rare


Chi-Yu EX


Special Illustration Rare

First up on our list is Chi-Yu Ex Special Illustration Rare. Chi-Yu is from the new Scarlet and Violet generation of Pokemon and this beautiful card is one of the standouts in Paldea Evolved. Whilst not a super popular Pokemon, the early market price of this card is going between $10-$20.

There are so many amazing cards in this set it will be interesting to see where these prices end up!

Tyranitar - Illustration Rare




Illustration Rare

One of the best Illustration Rare cards in Paldea Evolved is the Tyranitar. Early market trends showing it is selling for around $20 on Ebay- the last time we had a popular Tyranitar card was in the Sword and Shield set Battle Styles (which went for over $100 at its peak!).

Magikarp - Illustration Rare




Illustration Rare

Whilst Magikarp does tend to get a bit of a rough ride when it comes to taking it seriously, the artwork for this Illustration Rare is simply amazing and will be one of the best pulls in Paldea Evolved. From the original generation of Pokemon, Magikarp evolves into the fearsome Gyarados, which is available as a Rare Holo in Paldea Evolved (with great artwork too!).

Raichu - Illustration Rare




Illustration Rare

Our love for the first generation of Pokemon will never end! Raichu makes it into Paldea Evolved as an Illustration Rare and can be seen sleeping in this cute artwork pose. Likely won't be the most expensive card to pull, but a fun one all the same.

Iono - Special Illustration Rare




Special Illustration Rare

Many people's favorite Trainer card and of the set is the Iono Special Illustration Rare card. Iono features 3 times in Paldea Evolved and this card is currently hitting dizzying highs of $100+! As we saw in Scarlet and Violet with Miriam, the price may eventually come down once the hype of the set moves on.

Chien-Pao EX - Special Illustration Rare


Chien-Pao EX


Special Illustration Rare

Chien-Pao is another new Pokemon from the Scarlet and Violet series. It is a Legendary Pokemon of Dark/Ice type and features heavily in Paldea Evolved set. This Special Illustration Rare version is one of the top hits in the set.

Chien-Pao EX - Hyper Rare


Chien-Pao EX


Hyper Rare

We couldn't leave out this Chien-Pao EX Hyper Rare either as it is the best of the Gold Cards to pull. Who doesn't want a cuddly snow leopard with a shiny gold background for their collection? If Chien-Pao had a bit more popularity in the games, it definitely would be one of the best cards to pull in this set.

Dedenne EX - Ultra Rare


Dedenne EX


Ultra Rare

You will find several cards similar to Dedenne EX Ultra Rare in this set with a white crystallized background and shiny particles covering it. We chose Dedenne to be added to our list as it's one of the cutest, but the Slowking EX is also a great shout as a top pull for Paldea Evolved.

Dendra - Special Illustration Rare




Special Illustration Rare

Dendra is the second trainer in our list as a top pull from Paldea Evolved. Whilst currently not as popular as Iono, Dendra is a Battle Studies teacher at the academy in the Scarlet and Violet games. Early price for this card is around $30, but we'll see where it settles as the pull-rates for Paldea Evolved are revealed.

Mismagius - Illustration Rare




Illustration Rare

Mismagius is from the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl games and this Illustration Rare is definitely worth hunting for. The card is currently going for less than $10 even at early prices, so its quite cheap to buy as a Pokemon single card.

Marill - Illustration Rare




Illustration Rare

We finish our list with the second-generation Pokemon Marill! There are so many great Illustration Rares in this set that despite their marketplace pricing being so cheap, we just think they are some of the best cards to pull in Paldea Evolved!

Have Your Say

So, how'd we do? What are your favorite cards to pull from Paldea Evolved and did any make our list? Leave a comment below and let us know your favorite!

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