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Base Set Card List - Pokemon TCG Card List

Base Set Card List - Pokemon TCG Card List - Pokemon TCG

Base Set is name given to the first set released for the Pokemon TCG and the card list includes Pokemon from Generation I, including Base Set Charizard, Pikachu and more.

Released in 1999, Base Set cards are some of the most expensive to buy today, especially First Edition and Shadowless versions.

Base Set had several versions released during it's print run:

  • First Edition - A First Edition stamp is printed on the left hand side of the card. This edition is also shadowless.
  • Shadowless - The removal of the first-edition stamp came in the next print run, but the shadowless edge around the card image remained.
  • Unlimited - This is the most common print run for this set. It added a shadow-border around the card image and corrected several errors in the cards. It also removed red-cheeks Pikachu.

The cards in Base Set have been reprinted several times in other sets.


January 9th, 1999





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