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All Pokemon 151 Products

November 7, 2023

The latest set for Pokemon TCG is the Pokemon 151 Set and it comes with many different products that contain Booster Packs. This guide will outline all the products currently available and how many Booster Packs you can get from each one.

Pokemon 151 is a special set that is not considered a "main entry" set. This means it does not come with the regular products of main series sets (most notably, no Booster Boxes).

Instead, we get a bunch of different and unique products that contain Booster packs and other accessories.

Pokemon 151 Card List contains over 200 cards and if you're looking to collect the entire set you're going to need lots of Booster Packs! You can use this guide to see which products offers the best amount of Booster packs to get!

Special sets usually come with lots of Promo Cards, and Pokemon 151 is no exception! We've listed all the Pokemon 151 Promo Cards that each product provides below too!

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All Pokemon 151 Products

Pokemon Elite Trainer Box

Booster Packs: 9

Promos: Snorlax Card

Pokemon center ETB

Pokemon 151 Elite Trainer Box (Pokemon Center Version)

Booster Packs: 11

Promos: Snorlax Card, Snorlax Pokemon Center Card

Booster Bundle

Pokemon 151 Booster Bundle

Booster packs: 6

Poster Collection

Pokemon 151 Poster Collection

Booster packs: 3

Promos: Bulbasaur, Charmander , Squirtle

Binder Collection

Pokemon 151 Binder Collection

Booster Packs: 4

Ultra Premium collection

Pokemon 151 Ultimate Premium Collection

Booster packs: 16

Promos: Mew Ex, Mewtwo, Metal Mew


Pokemon 151 Tins

Booster packs: 2

Zapdos Collection Box

Pokemon 151 Zapdos Collection

Booster packs: 4

Promos: Zapdos Ex, Electabuzz, Oversized Zapdos EX


Pokemon 151 Alakazam Collection

Booster packs: 4

Promos: Alakazam Ex, Kadabra, Abra

What products will you be getting for Pokemon 151? Whilst it seems the Ultra Premium Collection gives the most packs, the Booster Bundle seems the best price for just getting packs!

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