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All Brilliant Stars Pokemon TCG Products

November 7, 2023

Brilliant Stars is the latest set in the Pokemon TCG and it comes with plenty of different products for you to choose from when collecting this set.

Brilliant Stars is a main entry set, the ninth of the Sword and Shield series and contains over 200 cards. This set also has the unique property of also having a subset called Trainer Gallery cards included with it. There are 30 of these to collect, alongside the main set.

Brilliant Stars is also the first set to feature the new VSTAR Pokemon, which is a new mechanic in the Pokemon TCG Metagame. Check out the Brilliant Stars Card List for all the new Pokemon you can add to your TCG Collection.

Brilliant Stars Products

When a new set releases, there are lots of different products released alongside the regular booster packs. These products usually contain an assortment of different booster packs and other items, and this list will show you all of the Brilliant Stars Products released so far (or coming soon!).

Brilliant Stars Booster Packs

Brilliant Stars Booster Pack - Charizard Brilliant Stars Booster Pack - Shaymin Brilliant Stars Booster Pack - Arceus Brilliant Stars Booster Pack - Whimsicott

There are four different artworks for the Brilliant Stars Booster Packs. They include Charizard, Shaymin, Arceus and Whimsicott. Booster Packs contain 10 Pokemon Cards, randomly assorted that you can buy for around $4 each. If you're interested in getting your hands on some cards from Brilliant Stars, buying single booster packs is one of the cheapest ways.

Brilliant Stars Booster Boxes

Brilliant Stars Booster Box

Brilliant Stars Booster Boxes contain 36 Booster packs and are usually better value for money than just buying the single packs. Whilst there are no guaranteed pull rates released for Booster Boxes, there is a sense when buying them you will get at least some good cards.

You can also buy smaller Booster Boxes that contain 18 Booster Packs, which is perfect for someone not looking to invest too deeply into Brilliant Stars.

A Booster Box retails around $110.

Brilliant Stars Blister Packs

Brilliant Stars Blister Pack

Blister Packs are single Pokemon TCG Booster Packs that are sealed. They come in a lot of different varieties; for Brilliant Stars you can buy 3-pack blister packs that contain 3 Booster Packs, a promo card and a special edition coin you can use for playing the Pokemon TCG.

Brilliant Stars 3-pack Blisters cost around $15 USD.

Brilliant Stars Elite Trainer Box

Brilliant Stars ETB

Elite Trainer Boxes are one of the most popular Pokemon TCG products and are released for many new major set releases. The Brilliant Stars ETB features Arceus and costs $50.00. Inside each ETB you get:

  • 8 Brilliant Stars Booster Packs
  • 65 Card Sleeves
  • 45 Energy Cards
  • Player's Guide
  • Dice
  • Rulebook
  • Coin
  • Markers
  • Code Card
  • Collection Box + Dividers

Elite Trainer Boxes are great for players new to playing the Pokemon TCG as they give you lots of the needed items to get you started when playing. You'll get plenty of energy cards to help build decks, dice for rolling damage and a rulebook on how to play.

Brilliant Stars Pokemon center exclusive Elite Trainer Box

Brilliant Stars Elite Trainer Box

There is also a special edition Brilliant Stars Elite Trainer Box that is sold exclusively on the Pokemon Center website. This box contains everything in the original ETB, but also includes 2 extra booster packs, a deck box, a metal coin and different box design.

The price is usually the same as the normal ETB.

Pikachu V Box

Pikach V Box

Whilst not strictly a Brilliant Stars Product, the Pikachu V Box will include Brilliant Stars Booster Packs (as well as others). This box features a giant Pikachu V Card and two other promo cards alongside 4 booster packs.

This product will retain around $25 USD.

Pokemon Trading Card Game: Morpeko V Union Special Collection

Morpeko V-Union

Similar to the Pikachu V Box, Morpeko V Union will include 4 booster packs, with some of them being Brilliant Stars. The V-Union box is a series that contains four cards that make up one huge oversized card, in this case its the Morpeko Pokemon.

Brilliant Stars Build and Battle Box

Build Battle Box

Build and Battle boxes are usually released before the official release date of the Brilliant Stars set, allowing fans to get their hands on some of the cards early. This Brilliant Stars Build and Battle box contains 4 Brillant Stars Booster Packs and a 40-card pre-built deck to use in the TCG game.

Brilliant Stars Build and Battle Stadium

Brilliant Stars Build Battle Stadium

If you really like the pre-release cards, you can go for the stadium version. This product contains 2 Build and Battle boxes and includes an additional 4 Brilliant Stars Booster packs (so you get 12 altogether!). This product is perfect for those who like to get a head start and it retails around the same price as an ETB.

Brilliant Stars (Mini Portfolio)

If you're looking for somewhere to store your new Brilliant Stars collection, why not try the Brilliant Stars Mini Portfolio, that can store up to 60 cards and includes a Brilliant Stars Booster Pack too!

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