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Cassette Beasts - All Archangel Locations

May 18, 2023

Archangels are bosses you have to fight in Cassette Beasts and they are scattered in Underground Train Stations around Mt. Wirral. This page will show you all of their locations, and you can use our Walkthrough on how to beat their puzzles!

The Archangels are mysterious beings that you'll come across in Cassette Beasts. They are what ties the story together and you'll need to defeat all 8 in order to progress to the end.

Some Archangels will have a challenging puzzle for you to solve. We have created a Cassette Beasts Walkthrough that goes through each of these puzzles, so we've put a link to each part of the guide that details that Archangel's puzzle.

All Archangel Locations

Archangel Map

You can use the map above to find the location of each Archangel. Some Underground stations require you to solve a puzzle before they are revealed.

Aleph Location


Once all 8 Archangels have been defeated, you can go and find a way home.


Using the song's riddle, you know the area is a tree stump to the east and you'll need to throw a Wooden Crate on it to activate the portal. Good luck!


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This is confusing and doesn't work
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Which bit my friend?
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He might be confused as the final portal to Aleph is randomized per game and can have different locations with different trigger actions. My game it was on the fire portal in the autumn region
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