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Cassette Beasts - Mourningtown - Walkthrough - Part 3

May 5, 2023

The world of Cassette Beasts begins to open up with plenty of new sidequest for us to tackle; in this part of the guide we take a look at Kayleigh's backstory and head to her home of Mourningtown.

In this part of Cassette Beasts Walkthrough, we'll complete the following quests:

Rumour Has It

Rumour Has It

Rumour Has It is automatically given to you when you and Eugene defeat a Landkeeper's Hideout for the quest Acting On Your Best Behaviour.

To complete this quest, you need to pick up three Rumours from NPCs around Harbourtown.

Rumours are hints and tips that get marked on your map to help you progress the game. They'll either give you hints on completing a quest you've already started, or point you in the right direction to pick up new quests.

You should easily be able to find three rumours around Harbourtown. If you struggle, just keep returning after a while and more NPCs will pop-up with Rumours.

A Rumour has a question mark icon above the NPC.

Rewards: Metal x2, Pulp x24, Faux Fur Tape

I Ran So Far Away

I Ran So Far Away

Autumn Hills

This quest can be picked up by having Kayleigh in your party and spending some time at Campfires together. She will talk about her past and decide she wants to revisit her old home called Mourningtown.

Mourningtown is located in Autumn Hills. If you have not got any special movement abilities yet, you will need to walk all the way around Autumn Hill to access Mourningtown.


You can find Treasure Chest (#1) by pulling a Lever on a nearby platform. You'll have to glide onto it. The Treasure Chest contains:

  • Wood x156
  • Poison Coating
  • Pulp x5
  • Basic Tape


You'll come to an area filled with water that is also blocked by a huge wooden fence. You'll need to pull the lever on the right side to drain the water and reveal a cave and a green switch. Hit the green switch to open the cave.


Inside you'll find a small stone dial that you can rotate by standing on the red tiles. You can place rocks on two of the tiles. Your aim is to align the red and blue lines so they cross. Once you do that, it will cause the wooden wall to come down and allow you to open the Treasure Chest up:

  • Wood x50
  • Throw
  • Wheat x20
  • Superconductive Tape


Pass the Wooden Gate you'll come to Treasure Chest #2. To unlock it, you need to find the Red Switch outside of Autumn Hill on your left. You can find a Rock in the water nearby and place it on the Red Switch to unlock the chest:

  • Return Fire
  • Wheat x23
  • Toaster Tape


There is another Treasure Chest #3 at the top right corner of Autumn Hill. You can find a Lever in a bush; it will raise a platform directly in front of you. If you jump off really quickly, you can jump onto the platform as it is rising into the air and unlock the Treasure Chest:

  • Energy Wave
  • Basic Tape


Heading down the east side of Autumn Hill you'll come across Treasure Chest #4. To unlock this one, you'll find another Lever hiding in a bush on your right; this will raise the Wooden Platform on the left, allowing you to glide onto the platform and grab the chest:

  • Wood x55
  • Glass Wall
  • Pulp x24
  • Basic Tape

Bulletino Dash

You can also pick up the Bulletino Dash skill by capturing a Bulletino in this area.


You'll come to an area with a bridge on the floor; if you head to the right you'll find a sleeping man next a Lever. This man is one of the Captains you need to beat to become a Ranger. See the quest details below: Scattershot.

Instead, hit the Lever to raise the bridge and cross it.

Green Tile

Before you head up to Mourningtown, you can find Treasure Chest #5 by hitting the Green Tile just south of it. This will reveal the Treasure Chest on a nearby platform:

  • Unicast
  • Basic Tape


As you head up to Mourningtown, you can also pick up Treasure Chest #6 that is right next to a lever:

  • Metal
  • Treat
  • Wood x3
  • Plastic
  • Etheral Tape


Now head towards Mourningtown. Just outside the entrance is a smashable rock; use your Bulletino Dash to break it to reveal Treasure Chest #7:

  • Trip
  • Wheat x20
  • Pulp x6
  • Toaster Tape


It's a good idea to speak to the Magikrab to the right of Mourningtown, as this will open up a Fast Travel option on your map in case you wish to teleport back to town.

Speak to the Robed Man to enter Mourningtown.

Inside, you'll notice as soon as you enter that things are not right. There are lots of Rangers you'll need to battle in here.


Head forwards and to the right to reveal a Lever. Pull it and it will open up a hatch in front of you that contains a Green Switch.


Hit it and this will raise the bridge. Head back to the beginning and climb up towards the house on the right. Inside you'll have to fight a Ranger; cross over to the next house.


Make your way pass the locked gate and to the right is another house. Inside, on the table, is a Treasure chest containing a key to the locked gate.


Once you have it, unlock the gate and make your way right; you'll come across a house that you can get onto the roof via a plank of wood.


Follow the path to find a Lever on another house's roof. Pull it to open a gate near the previous locked gate. Inside the gate is a Green Switch, this will activate the bridge at the top of the map.


Cross it and you'll come across Jacquelin and Dorian.

It looks like they've found an Underground Train Station and want to take on the Archangel.

Archangel - Mourningstar


Mourningstar Level 22.

Hopefully you've been saving up your Fusion ability for this fight. If not, no to worry, the Mourningstar isn't too tricky.

As always, watch out for it's AP bar; once full Mourningstar will unleash Judgement, which will hit both your monsters for 100+ damage unless you have some defensive walls up.

Mourninstar has several single target attacks: Shooting Star, Thunder Blast; it can also cast Broadcast which gives it Unicast ability (single hits now hit both members in the party).

Mourningstar can also cast Temptation, which creates an Apple Tree in front of it. Attacking it will heal you slightly, but prevent any damage hitting the boss.

Check out the video below for more tips:


  • 657 EXP
  • Fused Material
  • Olive-Up!
  • Wood x71
  • Metal x4
  • Pulp x94
  • Wheat x3


After the fight, your friendship level with Kayleigh will increase!

Quest - Scattershot - Captain #3

Captain Zedd

Scattershot is a quest you can pick up by speaking to a sleeping man named Zedd found in Autumn Hills.

He will first ask you to defeat 5 Bulletinos, which you should be able to easily found in the immediate area of Autumn Hills.

Once you defeat 5, you'll be able to challenge Zedd to a Ranger Training Challenge:

Zedd Battle

Battle: Zedd

  • Zedd: Stardigrade (Astral) Level 22, Galagor (Astral) Level 22
  • Ranger: Salamangus (Fire) Level 22

You'll want to take out the Salamangus first to get the first down to a 2v1. Since Salamangus is a Fire type, you can use these types to debuff it: Air, Astral, Earth, Water.

The Stardigrade will use Hibernate, which puts it to sleep for 3 turns and will heal each turn. You shouldn't focus on the Stardigrade until you've taken out the Salamangus, as the heal will just be too much to keep up with. You can cast Leeched to counteract the Hibernate heal.

Like Stardigrade, the Galagor also uses Hibernate. As Astral types, you'll want to use Plastic types to cast AP Drain on them.

Check out the video below for more tips:


  • Sure-Fire
  • Fused Material
  • Upgrape

And that wraps up part 3 of the Cassette Beasts Walkthrough! More quests to come, including battles against Archangels and Captains.


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