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Cassette Beasts - Archangel Babelith and Archangel Lamento Mori - Walkthrough - Part 8

May 17, 2023

This part of the Cassette Beasts Walkthrough will focus on the last remaining dungeons that contain Archangels: Babelith and Lamento Mori!

There are 8 Archangels to fight in total, and in this part of the walkthrough we cover:


After you fight 4 Archangels and defeat them, head back to Harbourtown. If you got to the square Aleph will appear and introduce himself. He will teleport you to a strange world.


If you head north, you'll come across a Mysterious Woman. Follow her inside the house.


Her name is Ms. Amber and she runs the Amber Lodge- a sort of spaceship that travels between worlds. If you head to the tapestry on the wall, you'll initiate a cutscene that will allow you to return home.

Archangel Babelith


To take on Archangel Babelith we need to head to Mt. Wirral. You'll need the Vine Climb ability to reach the top of Mt. Wirral.

Mt. Wirral Caves

At the top of Mt. Wirral is a cave entrance, just before a Campfire. Enter to find yourself in the Mt. Wirral Caves.


First head to your left and press the green switch. This will draw up a bridge on the right that you can cross.

Head north until you come to a Lever (use Vine Climb to reach it). This will activate a Whirlwind.


Before you head up the Whirlwind, you can activate another Green Switch on the left. This will activate a bridge towards the Treasure Chest (or you can just glide over to it). Interacting with the chest causes a battle to break out:

  • Fused Material
  • Toxic Stab
  • Plastic x15
  • Treebark Tape


Now head up the Whirlwind until you come to another. This one will take you up a level to a new map.

Vine Climb

If you head outside you'll come to the peak of Mt. Wirral. Here you can use your Vine Climb to reach the next Underground Station: Icelington Station.


Inside you'll find a Treasure Chest with:

  • Focus
  • Plastic x13
  • Metal

Head through the train gates to face Archangel Babelith...

Archangel Babelith Fight


Babelith is one of the stronger Archangels, coming in at around Level 50!

Hopefully you have Fusion ready to use as soon as the fight starts.

Babelith will use the move "Bad Joke" every turn but it doesn't seem to have any effect on your monsters. Just a bad joke I guess...

Babelith will cast Wonderful 7, which will damage you and cast a random status effect on you. It also uses Crystal Lens and Brick Blast for damage.

It's full AP attack is called True Illumination; you'll want to make sure you have a wall up when this move comes out.

Casting Leeched, Poison and Burn status on Babelith can really help take off damage, especially as Babelith likes to cast Bad Joke every round so you get extra hits from these.

As long as you have a decently leveled squad, this fight should be easy!

Check out the video below for more tips:


  • Fused Material
  • Olive-up!
  • Metal x2
  • Wheat x 447
  • Wood x 173
  • Plastic
  • Pulp x16

Archangel Lamento Mori

The next Archangel we are going in search of is called Lamento Mori. You can find this Archangel located in the graveyard, south of Cherry Meadow.


When you get to the graveyard, you'll notice four red Magickrab statues. Turn them all to blue by interacting with them and you'll reveal a staircase and a gravestone.

Train Station

Interact with the Lever on the gravestone and it will bring up the Underground Train Station: Aldgrave Train Station.


This place is very interesting! If you head down to the stairs you'll enter a room with a pair of gravestones at the center of it.

There are four exits in this room; whenever you move you'll come to another room that's exactly like it, with slightly changes and variations.


The combination to reach the Archangel is: Up, Up, Down, Down (drop down into the hole). Left, Right, Left, Right (fight monster- you'll get a Key pass).


You'll want to use the Key Pass on the gated entrance to the train tracks. You get there by going (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left).

Prepare yourself for the fight...

Archangel Lamento Mori Fight


Even though this Archangel is at level 48, we found this fight to be quite easy.

There are no nasty mechanics to worry about- you just have to deal more damage than Mori does to you. Using Fusion really makes this fight a cakewalk.

Lamento Mori will use Beast Wall and sacrifice 20% of his HP, so getting a few good status effects like Leech and Burn can really help.

Use an Elemental Wall move to block the Full AP attack. Mori will cast Ritual, bringing it back to life with 25% HP.

Check out the video below for more tips:


  • Fused Material
  • Oliver-UP!
  • Wood x257
  • Pulp x375
  • Wheat x52

Two more Archangels down with one more to go! That wraps up this part of the Cassette Beasts Walkthrough!


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