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Cassette Beasts - Archangel Morgante - Walkthrough - Part 1

May 3, 2023

Welcome to the first part of the Cassette Beasts Walkthrough! Journey along with us as we explore this open-world monster collection RPG and guide you through all the quests of the main story line.

Each chapter of this walkthrough will involve a number of main quests and sidequests. Cassette Beasts allows you to play with a lot of freedom and so you may find it easier to choose part of this walkthrough via the Cassette Beasts Quests page.

That said, if you're just starting out with Cassette Beasts, this is a great way to play along as we will give you all the tips and tricks we find a long the way.

Cassette Beasts New Game Settings

New Game

When you begin a new game, you get to customize your character and give yourself a name. You can change all of your choices later on in the game, so don't worry too much if you're not happy with your appearance.



At any time, you can go into your Settings and change the game's difficulty. By default, they are all set to Recommended.

You can change the AI Smartness and Level Scaling.

AI Smartness will determine how clever your opponent is when selecting moves against you.

Level Scaling will make it so monsters that you randomly encounter have similar stats to you, making it so leveling does not matter. You can turn this off completely, so that you can grind your way through trickier fights, or increase it so that monsters appear harder than you no matter what. It's completely up to you!

For the purpose of this guide, we are leaving everything on the default settings.

Harbourtown Beach

Harbourtown Beach

You wake up on Harbourtown Beach, completely alone. The immediate area is empty.

Treasure Chest

If you head north, you'll come across a Treasure Chest.

Treasure Chests in Cassette Beasts will appear quite often and most of the time there will be small little puzzles you'll need to solve in order to unlock them. This one however, is already unlocked for you.

Open it to receive:

  • 100x Wood

There are many different resources to collect in Cassette Beasts. You'll be needing these resources to buy items, battle moves and other useful trinkets in the game.


If you head to the left of Harbourtown, you'll come across some floating containers. You'll meet a young woman and be launched into your first battle.

Check out our Cassette Beasts Battle System Overview page for a look at how the Turn-Based battle system in this game works.

Choose Starter


In this beginner fight, you'll be given a choice of two different Cassette Beast monsters.

  • Spooky - Bansheep
  • Sweet - Candevil

These are the two starting creatures; in Cassette Beasts you transform into the active monster in your party. Battles are normally 2 versus 2 and when a new party member joins your team, you unlock their Cassette Beast monster too.

Take out the Traffikrab monster (it should be really easy!).

After the fight, the young woman introduces herself as Kayleigh. She will take you into Harbourtown, where you end up feinting after all of the exciting events of the day...

Quest - This Is The World We Live In


You'll wake up inside your house, with Doctor Pensby offering a helping hand. You also learn that this Island is called New Wirral and everyone who comes to this Island is stuck!

Kayleigh is going on patrol around Harbourtown and wants you to meet her at the entrance (where you entered Harbourtown from).

This is the first quest you'll get for Cassette Beasts. You'll be able to pick up many more along your journey and they'll help progress the story for you.


Before heading out to see Kayleigh, you can check out Harbourtown.

You can buy some items (Rewind heals your monsters and Respool will revive them) from the downstairs Gramophone Cafe, change your appearance by interacting with your Wardrobe or even use the Mailbox and collect any goodies someone might have sent you.


Once you've had a look around, go find Kayleigh at the Harbourtown Outskirts. She'll hand you a key and unlock the gate.

Here you'll find free-roaming Cassette Beast monsters. You might find them a little tricky at first, especially as your own monsters are not very strong yet. Make use of the Campfires to heal whenever possible.


You'll get a quick battle tutorial in this area; afterwards you'll notice an elevator nearby. You can activate it by finding a hidden green switch in the cave just to the north.

Kayleigh joins your party!

Party members can come and go on your journey. They have their own level and relationship status with you, as well as their own Cassette Beast monsters to add to your party.


Use the Elevator and you'll come to an area with a Campfire. Campfires will heal all of your monsters for a small price of Wood. Wood can be found from many of the Cassette Beast monsters in the area.

Use this time to start leveling up; as your monsters gain more EXP, they'll also unlock new abilities allowing you to perform stronger attacks.

TIP: When you start getting some high-damage moves that don't require much AP, you should switch around the "Sticker Abilities" from the party menu so that it's easier to select your abilities. It will make grinding a lot faster!


Once you've got a few levels in you, head up onto a bridge and speak to the NPC there. He'll give you:

  • Rewind x3

These items will full-heal your monsters, but you can only carry 5 at a time currently.


Head across the bridge and to the north-west. Here you'll find a lever on a raised platform. When you pull it, a Dominoth monster will fly towards you.

How To Capture Cassette Beasts

Capture Monster

Here you'll get a tutorial in how catching monsters works in Cassette Beasts. Essentially, you'll want to damage the monsters as much as possible whilst taking as little damage as possible.

When you select the Record option from the Battle Menu, you can choose a Cassette Tape to capture the monster.

Different Cassette Tape items have better capture rates.

Mothwing Glide

After capturing the Dominoth, you'll learn a new ability: Mothwing Glide!

Different monsters in Cassette Beasts will teach you new abilities. Check out our page for all the monster abilities you can learn in Cassette Beasts!


You can now use your new glide ability to glide to a new area to your left.


From this area, head south until you come to a Lever. Activating it causes a whirlwind to appear (ignore this for now) and then keep heading west. You'll feel the world shake as you get closer to your destination.

Undergroudn Train Station

Eventually, you'll see a new underground train station appear out of nowhere. Head inside to investigate!


This place looks creepy! When you come to the turnstiles, take a quick left and you'll find a Treasure Chest with the following items:

  • Glass Camouflage (Sticker)
  • Plastic x2

Eventually you'll come to some train tracks where you'll meet a ghastly foe...

Morgante - Archangel Fight


The Archangels are some of the toughest fights in the game! You'll have to really know your Cassette Beast monsters to take these foes down.

Luckily, the Morgante Archangel fight is more of a tutorial. Despite it saying level 100, Morgante has very little health and most of their attacks will miss.

When your health gets low, you'll also be introduced to the Fusion Mechanic. This is where the two Cassette Beast monsters will fuse together, combining their moves and stats to create a much more powerful monster.

One thing you need to look out for when facing Archangels is their Ability Points bar. When this fills up to 100%, they will unleash their most devastating moves so you'll want to have your defense moves up at this point or slay the Archangel before they get a chance to attack.

Defeating this Archangel increases your Stamina by +20% and allows you to glide for 3 more seconds! Your abilities will increase as you take down more Archangels.

After the fight, you'll return back to Harbourtown for a debrief!

That wraps up the first part of the Cassette Beasts Walkthrough! Let us know if we've missed anything in the comments below!


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