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Cassette Beasts - Quests and Sidequests

May 22, 2023

Cassette Beasts is an open-world game that allows you to choose which quests and sidequests you complete at your own pace. This guide will list all the quests you can complete as well as their solutions!

In Cassette Beasts you'll pick up a number of optional sidequests that will help progress your gameplay. Whilst at times you can feel overwhelmed with the amount of quests available, they can also unlock new abilities and point you in the right direction for completing the main story.

We have created a Cassette Beast Walkthrough, and this page will break that walkthrough down into the individual quests to help for easier navigation.

Cassette Beasts Main Quests

Main quests help progress the main storyline.

All Archangel Locations

All Captain Locations

All Landkeeper Locations

Cassette Beasts Side Quests

These are optional quests that you can pick up anytime. You can have as many sidequests active as you like; completing them will give you various rewards and unlock certain features. They are well worth doing.

Cassette Beasts Rumours

Rumours are hints that are given to you by various NPCs around New Wirral. They will point you in the right direction for completing quests, obtaining new quests or obtaining key items to help you complete the game.



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