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Cassette Beasts - Aleph - Ending - Walkthrough - Part 9

May 18, 2023

This is the final part of the Cassette Beasts Walkthrough, with us going to find Aleph in one last attempt at getting off the New Wirral Island!

We still need to take out one more Archangel before we can deal with Aleph, so let's get to it!

In this part of the walkthrough we tackle:

Archangel Heckahedron


To access Archangel Heckahedron we need to complete a small puzzle in the Thirstation Lake, west of New Wirral Park.

You'll find lots of Red Squares that when you press them, shoot up a traffic sign. In order to reveal the Underground Train Station, you need to push these Red Squares in the correct order.


You can figure out the order by the direction that the sign is pointing in. Start with the Red Square at the top of Thirstation Lake, and then follow it's direction exactly until you come to a Red Square.


Or just use our handy map!

Waterloop Station

Once you push them in the right order, the entrance to the Waterloop Station opens up.


Inside you'll come across a grid of Magikrab statues that you can rotate. Ahead of you is a flowing stream of water with the locked gate before it.

In order to unlock the Archangel gate, you need to position the Magikrab statues in the formation above.


Next, head into the water stream and ride it until you come to the three Treasure Chests (ignore the lever). Open the Treasure Chest on the right to get the Waterloop Key and then place it into the key hole next to it.


This will have unlocked all the waterflow barriers. Now go back to the beginning and ride the water until you come to the Lever. Pull it and the water will flow through and unlock the gate!

Archangel Heckahedron Fight


We accidentally left this Archangel until last and so it was only Level 38 when we fought it.

You'll want to use Fusion whenever you can as one of Heckahedron's attack is Brick Blast, which hits both members for double hits, which you can negate by fusing into one being.

If you have a monster with Echolocation, you can use that to cast a Defensive Wall for both members in your squad.

Heckahedron's full AP attack is called Frustum Cull, just keep an eye on the AP bar to know when to place your defensive blocks.

Check out the video for more tips:


  • Fused Material
  • Upgrape
  • Metal x24
  • Pulp x67
  • Plastic
  • Wheat x4

Aleph - Night Bridge Station

Now that you've managed to take down all 8 Archangels, you can discover the Night Bridge Station. The clues from the song will tell you it's location and how to access it.


But if you can't work it out, just head to this location on the map. Here you'll find a Tree Stump; if you place a Wooden Crate on it, it will reveal a Mirror that you can interact with to enter the Night Bridge Station.

Night Bridge Station

Inside, you'll see another locked gate. You should also notice two swords on either side of it; you'll need to head to the rooms both left and right to find Gems to place in the swords.

Metal Block

First head to the left room; at the end of the this room of the far left you'll find a Metal Block. You can pick this up and place it on the blue tiles as you move back towards the main room.


You'll eventually come to a blue tile that when you place the block on, will create a pathway forward towards a Coffin.


If you head further up, you'll notice a Rogue Fused monster you can fight.

Defeating it will allow you to access a Treasure Chest containing an Azure Keystone.

Now head back to the main area of the Night Bridge Station and this time take the path to the room on your right.

Green Switch

You'll come to several Green Switches that will create platforms for you to jump on.


You'll eventually come to another Rogue Fusion monster; defeat it to get the second Keystone.


Head back to the main room and place both Keystones on the swords to unlock the gate.

Entering the gate, all of your party members accompany you inside, where Aleph appears and reveals his intentions of destroying the world.

Archangel Aleph Battle


Aleph is around Level 56, so you'll want to make sure you are at this level too in order to withstand his damage attacks.

Aleph uses Prismatic after each attack, which will change his type of a different one. This is where your knowledge of the Cassette Beasts types comes into play; with each different type you need to select the right moves that will give you an advantage.

Aleph uses Crystal Lens, Death by 1000 Cuts and his full AP attack is Deux Ex Calibur.

The biggest issue we had with the fight is when your Fusion monster died, he would give you a volley of Death by 1000 Cuts and wipe out your party members before you get a chance to switch. To prevent this, you can either heal using items or power through with attacks before you die.

When you defeat him... the fight rages on...

Archangel Aleph Null

Aleph Null

Whilst this part of the fight looks challenging, it's actually quite easy. If you have spent a good amount of time with different party members, they should all be similar levels to you.

You get to control your two party members and the others will auto-attack.

Aleph Null will use attacks like Shield Bash, Spray (hits everyone), Toy Hammer, Sonic Boom (all).

Once it's HP gets to 50%, the fight is pretty much over.

Check out the video below:

Good luck!

Game Over

Once you defeat Aleph Null, you can now complete the game by speaking to Ms. Amber when you're ready!

Before you go, you can go and complete the other sidequests in the game, including:

Hopefully you found this Cassette Beasts Walkthrough useful! Let us know if you have any tips for defeating Aleph Null in the comments below.


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As far as I can remember from my play though on xbox I just followed the quest log highlighted areas and I don't recall having to find any stump. Spoiler below I just stood still on top of the mall at night I don't recall if I was looking any specific direction If looking any direction dosen't work try the 4 cardinal directions first pausing for roughly 45-60 seconds each. ↑North ↓ South ←East →West.
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for the location of the stump and how to use it you will need to get i believe 5th and 7th lyric, for me it was a stump in autum hill and i had to use the fire dash, for you it could be there with the box
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Where the hell do i find the crate for the damn stump
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