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Cassette Beasts - Rangers - Walkthrough - Part 2

May 22, 2023

After returning back to Harbourtown and resting up at the Gramophone Cafe, it's time to go on your next adventure and seek out th Rangers.

In this part of the Cassette Beasts Walkthrough, we complete the following quests:

Pale Man

When you exit the Gramophone Cafe, you'll be greeted by a short cutscene where some strange vampire dudes are scared off by Eugene.

You offer to help take care of them, accepting a new quest called Acting On Your Best Behavior.

Harbourtown has been updated slightly; the elevator now works at the entrance, allowing you to access the top-half of Harbourtown.


You can also buy Stickers (battle abilities) from two of the three vendors. If you speak to the middle one, you'll take on a new sidequest called A Little Bit Of Inspiration.

Kayleighs House

If you head to Kayleigh's house (at the bottom of Harbourtown near the docks), you can find a Treasure Chest containing:

  • Unicast (Sticker)
  • 586 Pulp
  • Ferrichrome Tape

Exhausted Ranger

Speak to the Exhausted Ranger at the entrance of Harbourtown to pick up the quest Working Overtime. He wants you to bring him back 300x Wood.


If you head up the elevator to the next level of Harbourtown, and enter the first house in front of it, you'll be able to speak to an Old Man who gives you an Old Book.

You can recycle this item for 500 Pulp via your Inventory Menu.

Treasure Chest

You can also open a Treasure Chest above the house by using your Glide ability to glide over the rooftops. The chest contains:

  • Plant Resistance (Sticker)
  • Wood x3
  • Wheat x5
  • Superconductive Tape

Acting On Your Best Behaviour


Acting On Your Best Behaviour is a quest that sees you investigate hideouts for the strange Pale Man NPCs. You'll need to meet up with Eugene at the location above.

Head towards the bridge with the man on top of it (from before) and you can now head west.


You'll find Eugene on a hill just in front of a strange building.

Eugene joins your party!

Landkeeper Location

The next part of the mission is to enter the building from the rooftop; use your Glide to glide onto the Roof and then enter through the hatch.


It turns out these guys are called Landkeepers- estate agents of New Wirral Island! Prepare for a battle...

Landkeeper Battle

  • Springheel (Beast Type) - Level 09.
  • Pawndead (Earth Type) - Level 09.

Rewards: 270 EXP, Wheat x92, Wood x8, Plastic x4, Pulp x6

Beast Type does not have any type weaknesses that apply debuffs to it when attacked.

Astral, Metal, Plant, Water and Poison all apply debuffs to Earth types.

The fight should be easy enough for you!

The quest will be updated to now find all the locations of the Landkeepers that are scattered all around New Wirral. We'll provide a guide with all their locations soon (TM).

Before leaving, make sure to pick up the items in the cabinet:

  • Fused Material

See here for All Landkeeper Locations.

Take Me On


Kayleigh mentioned heading to a Ranger's Outpost where you can find more information on becoming a Ranger. This quest requires you to head a bit deeper into New Wirral Park.


On your way, pick up this Treasure Chest (#1) (near where you found the Glide ability). It contains:

  • Beast Resistance
  • Wheat x8
  • Plastic x1

And if you speak to the Ranger above it he'll give you a Respool (revives your monsters).

Confident Woman

When you get close to the Ranger's Outpost, there will be short cutscene where a Confident Woman enters a battle against a Rouge Fusion monster and destroys it. You'll need to head to this location to complete this part of the quest.


You can also unlock another Treasure Chest (#2) by picking up a wooden crate in the water:

  • Stony Look (Sticker)
  • Pulp x27
  • Basic Tape

On your way to the Ranger's Outpost, you'll come across several NPC Battles:

  • Wannabe (Carniviper), Wannabe #2 (Carniviper) - Reward: Pulp x249, Metal, Wheat
  • Wannabe (Elfless) - Reward: Wheat x71, Wood, Pulp x2
  • Recruiter (Traffikrab, Macabra) - Reward: Plastic x3, Wood x20, Metal x2, Pulp x11


Underneath the Ranger's Outpost is a small cave you can enter. Inside you need to complete a short puzzle.


First jump down and head to the left of the cave. Here you'll find a green switch you can activate, revealing some more platforms below and Lever to pull. Go pull it! This will turn on one of the lamposts next to the Treasure Chest.


Next head back up and go to the front-right of the cave. You'll notice a Lever high up on tower block; to get to it you need to use the Whirlwind to lift you up and then glide across towards it.


Activate that Lever and now use the new Whirlwind to get to the platform above you. Activate this Lever and it should reveal a new Green Switch. This will turn the second lampost, allowing you to unlock the Treasure Chest:

  • Pity AP (Sticker)
  • Wood x6
  • Wheat x7
  • Basic Tape


Behind the Outpost building is a Treasure Chest (#3) containing:

  • Beast Resistance
  • Water-Filled Tape


Inside you'll meet Leader Ianthe, where she explains about Rangers and Captains.

She gives you a scorecard and you'll need to defeat all the Captains in order to complete it. They are scattered throughout New Wirral.

Before leaving, open the fridge to find:

  • Canned Ice Latte
  • Rewind

And the Treasure Chest:

  • Plastic x5

Want to locate the rest of the Captains? You can use our All Captain Locations guide.

A Little Bit Of Inspiration

This is an optional sidequest you can pick up in Harbourtown by speaking to one of the Sticker Vendors who has gone missing.

This quest requires you to head into New Wirral Park.


On your way, you can find a Treasure Chest (#1) by pulling a Lever in a dirt ditch. The ditch will flood with water; then pick up the Box Crate and Glide over to the red switch.


Place the crate on the switch and it will activate the Treasure Chest just north of you:

  • Plastic x7
  • Superheated Fist
  • Wood
  • Basic Tape

Four Rocks

From there, if you head north you'll come to a closed cave entrance, surrounded by four red switches. You need to place three rocks on the Red Switches and then stand on the fourth one to unlock the door.

You can find two rocks right near the entrance and then a third one is just north in front of a NPC that you'll need to battle.

Enter the cave once unlocked to find yourself in New Wirral Park Caves.


First thing you'll notice is that the Elevator on the left does not work. You can activate it by heading to the right of the cave and gliding onto the top platforms, before gliding over to the right where you'll find a Green Switch.


Now head back to the now working Elevator. Head up it and this time you need to glide to your right to find another Green Switch. This will activate a bridge.


Before heading across the bridge, if you glide off the rocks, you can land on a Treasure Chest to find:

  • Water Camouflage (Sticker)
  • Wood x6
  • Wheat x2
  • Recycled Tape


Go across the bridge to find a new area; when you walk into the area you'll see the Sticker Seller being cornered by two monsters.

To get to him, head to your right and glide over to a new platform with a Green switch. Pressing it activates some steps that allow you to reach the Sticker Seller.


The two monsters will fuse together and you'll have to fight a Rouge Fusion.

  • Hyper Southpaw - Level 06
  • PuppercutĀ  - Level 03

Reward: Fused Material, Pulp x221, Wood x26

Both of these monsters are of Metal type, so using any Fire, Lightning, Poison or Water types will apply a debuff on them.

The Sticker Seller will then return to Harbourtown and open his shop up for you to buy stickers.

Working Overtime


Exhausted Ranger wants you to bring him back 300x Wood.

Wood is a currency you'll be using to buy items in Cassette Beasts, so doing this quest right now can feel a bit like a waste of resources. However, you do get some good rewards for completing it.

You can find Wood from any monster in Cassette Beasts. The amount they drop is random.

You can also find lots from fighting NPCs, opening Treasure Chests, Recycling Items or just completing other quests.

When you hand the Exhausted Range 300 Wood, he will want to build a sign at the entrance of Harbourtown.


  • 1,610 EXP
  • Fused Material
  • Pulp x1238
  • Metal x3
  • Wheat x57
  • Plastic x9
  • Ceramic Tape

That wraps up part 2 of the Cassette Beasts Walkthrough! In the next part we'll take on more quests and progress through the story! Let us know if we missed anything in the comments!


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