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Cassette Beasts - Archangel Alice - Walkthrough - Part 7

May 16, 2023

It's time to tumble down the rabbit hole as we go in search of the Archangel Alice in this part of the Cassette Beasts Walkthrough!

In this part of the walkthrough, we also cover the following quests:

Archangel Alice

Captain and Alice Locations

You can begin this quest by either picking up the Rumour - Tiny Dominoth or just head straight to the location on the map.

Someone from Harbourtown mentions they saw a tiny Dominoth in Cherry Meadows and recommends you go investigate the strange going ons.


Head to the center of Cherry Meadows and use your Vine-Climb ability to climb up a wall near the campfire (just before Captain Buffy).


Head further left and you'll come across a metal blue square. You need to find a Metal Block to place on it.

Metal Block

Luckily, you can find one nearby. If you head towards the area near the Ruins and Mt.Wirral and you can find one on top of hill. Drag that over to the metal square.

Cherry Cross Station

Doing so reveals a brand new Underground Train Station: Cherry Cross Station.


Inside, you'll notice that the middle entrance way is open but the gap is way too small for you to fit through. Head to your right and pull the lever to unlock the gate.

You'll find yourself in an elevator shaft that eventually reaches the bottom to reval a strange room. On the table, there are two items you need to be aware of:

  • The Drink will shrink you down.
  • The Cake will increase your size.


The first step you should take to eat the Cake to increase your size. You can then pick up the rock in the corner of the room and move it out of the way.

Then drink the Drink to reduce your size so you can fit through the gap revealed by moving the rock.


In the next room, fight the Dominoth and its buddies.


Then increase your size so that you can pick up the wooden crate on the shelves and throw it out of the way.


Next, decrease your size and pick up the small crates on the counter-top of the bar and place them on the floor; reduce your size again and use the wooden crate on the floor to climb up onto the bar.

Now head up the shelves. Open the Treasure Chest in the corner:

  • Bad Joke
  • Wood x13
  • Pulp x14


Make your way to the top of the shelves to find a Lever. Pull it and it will activate the wooden lift in the room.


Now increase your size and use the lift to climb through the hole in the wall.

White Rabbit Key

You'll then end up out in the open (its a closed area) with a giant treasure chest in the middle. Open it up and you'll get the following:

  • White Rabbit Key
  • Glitter Resistance
  • Pulp x64
  • Wood x5


Head back inside and use your White Rabbit Key in the first room. This will reveal a Lever. Before you pull it, make sure your size is tiny (so you can fit through the gate in the train station). Flipping the Lever will turn the room upside down and you'll fall back to the train station.

Now head through the gates to face the next Archangel...

Archangel Alice Fight

Archangel Alice

Archangel Alice has a mechanic called "Eat Me" and "Drink me". Alice can either grow in size or reduce in size.

When Alice grows in size, her stats will increase for attack and defense and her evasion will drop slightly.

When Alice shrinks, her evasion goes up but her attack and defense decrease.

Alice will use Waterworks, which hits everyone for high damage. She can also cast Guzzle Fuel, which takes some of your AP. Her full AP attack is called High and Mighty, which can be blocked by an Elemental Wall.

Overall, as long as Alice doesn't cast Waterworks too often and you block the ultimate, you can easily get through this fight.

Check out the video below for more tips:


  • Fused Material
  • Upgrape
  • Metal x19
  • Wheat x97
  • Plastic x9
  • Pulp x18
  • Wood x11

Captain Gladiola

Captain Gladiola

Captain Gladiola can be found at the bottom left of the map on a sandy island. You'll need the Surf ability in order to access this Captain.

When you reach the Island, you'll see Captain Gladiola on a tall tower. There is a Lever sticking out of it, that when pushed will create a whirlwind for you to use to access Gladiola. The whirlwind doesn't last long though, so try to be speedy!



  • Gladiola: Palangolin (Metal), Cryoshear (Ice)
  • Ranger: Southpaw (Metal)

Metal Types are weak to Fire, Water and Electric types; they all add debuffs to Metal when attacking. Water types add two defensive debuffs that allow you to deal more damage.

Both of these monsters like to use Evasion Up and decrease your Accuracy, so if you have any moves to counter this you better use them.

Cryoshear is Ice type; you can turn it to Water type using Fire attacks too. Either way these monsters shouldn't pose too much trouble.


  • Jaggged Edge
  • Fused Material
  • Upgrape

Captain Judas

Captain Judas

Captain Judas can be found on the beach just below The Deadlands called the Southern Isles. You will need the Surf ability in order to access this Captain.


  • Judas: Manispear (Metal), Jellyton (Poison)
  • Ranger: Dandylion (Plant)

Immediately focus on the Dandylion. Fire attacks are great to use against Plant type. By taking out the Dandylion first, you'll stop it from casting Doc Leaf, which can heal every turn.

Using Water Types against Metal and Fire against Poison are good strategies to use against Judas.


  • Acid Reflex
  • Fused Material
  • Olive-Up!

Captain Lodestein

Captain Lodestein can be found north of Eastham Woods in an area called Ham.

To get to Captain Lodestein you'll need the Electromagnetism ability. Head to the top of Mt. Wirral and on right hand side is an area called Ham. It can be accessed via Eastham Woods also.


In the middle of the area is a Lever; pulling it will cause tower blocks to rise up immediately. You will need to pull the Lever and then quickly position yourself so you can ride the block as if goes up.


Once on the block, you can glide across to the other two. Then use your Electromagnetism to pull yourself across to Captain Lodestein.


Captain Lodestein

  • Captain Lodestein: Wingloom (Lightning). Plasmantler (Lightning)
  • Ranger: Manispear (Metal)

Take out the Manispear first; water attacks will add debuffs to it since it's Metal type.

The Wingloom and Plasmantler are Lightning types. Lightning can be debuffed with Unitarget using either Earth, Plant, Plastic or Glass. Watch out for Plasmantler's Battery attack; with Multitarget it can really cause your party some problems.


  • Iron Filings
  • Fused Material
  • Upgrape

And that wraps up Part 7 of the Cassette Beasts Walkthrough! We really got through some Captains this time around eh? Only a few more to come and then we will build a All Captain Locations round-up page for easier access.


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